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Free Fire Diwali All Star 2021: Format, All Participating Teams Name, Schedule, & Prize-Pool

On the occasion of Diwali Free Fire once again comes with a Free Fire Diwali All Star Tournament to celebrate Diwali with fans and players. This tournament is a 2-day exhibitions event to celebrate Diwali. Top Female and other male Influencer with the top 4 teams of FFIC are participating in this tournament. The Prize-Pool of this tournament is going to be 1,00,000 Diamonds each day.

Free Fire Diwali All Star Date & Time 

This event will be a 2 Days tournament and its going to be held on 30th to 31st October 2021. All Female star faceing each other on day 1 and top team will proceed to next day where they are facing some influencer and top 4 teams of FFIC.

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Free Fire Diwali All Star Format

Free Fire Diwali All Star format is little different to other tournaments on every day thier will be 4 matches played its a BO4 we can say. and this going to be Battle Royal Squad mode every one have to bring their squad.

On Day 1 11 Female influencer bring their squad and they gonna compete for to get the slot in day 2 and earn 1,00,000 Diamonds on Day 1.

In Day 2 Along with top 2 teams from Day 1 thier are other Voted Influencers teams also playing and Top 4 teams from FFIC.

Free Fire Diwali All Star All Participating Teams

Day 1 11 Female Influnencer will play like Sooneeta, Hayley, Unicorn IB, Brightfox and few more.

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On Day 2 top two teams of Day 1 and with him Community top Voted influencer like Lokesh Gamer, TSG Mann, Assassin’s Army, Daddy calling, X Mania, and Nonstop Gaming. And at the last Top 4 teams from FFIC (Free Fire India Championship) PVS Gaming Esports, Total Gaming Esports, Team Elite, Desi Gaming Esports.

Free Fire Diwali All Star Prize-Pool

Total Prize-Pool of Free Fire Diwali All Star is 2,00,000 Diamonds  and crown for wining team. Of Day 1 champion will get 1,00,000 and a spot in Day 2. Champion of Day 2 will get 1,00,000 Diamonds and Crown.

Free Fire Diwali All Star Where You Can Watch 

This tournament will be gonna stream on Free Fire india official Youtube channel and on Booyah!. This tournament is going to be cast in 5 different lanuages Hindi, English, Nepali, Tamil, and Bengali.

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