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THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Winner, Champion, & Scoreboard

THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Winner, 1st Place Rivalry Esports, 2nd Place GODLIKE ESPORTS, 3rd Place Global Esports and overall standing, Top 4 Fragger, and each game-winners

THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Day 5 Esports tournament by THUG. Esports the tournament gets more than 120k views on LOCO. it is going to be a avery amazing Event By Thug. so stay connected and Which teams picked up the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner today and overall standing, Top 4 Fragger, and each game-winners. So check out more detail below.

THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Winner

  • 1st Place Rivalry Esports: INR 1.4 Lakhs
  • 2nd Place GODLIKE ESPORTS: INR 80 Thousand
  • 3rd Place Global Esports: INR 50 Thousand

THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI MVP Winner

TsmFTSAquaNOx MVP is INR 30 Thousand

THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Day 5 Match  Overall Standing

1Rivalry Esports410362165
2GodLike Esports27086156
3Global Esports39161152
3Marcos Gaming06565130
6OR Esports05768125
8Team 8bit04873121
9TEam XO05451103


10Revenant Esports04954103
11Skylightz Gaming05250102
12Enigma Gaming0534699
13PV x IND0435598
14F1LS Esports0345286
15Blind Esports0543185
167SEA Esports0274774
17HYDRA Esports0164662
18TEAM Rampage0252449


19Team SOUL0153247
20RedOwl Gaming0131730

THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Day 5 Top 4 Fragger

4RV DeltaaPG

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THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI These Teams Invited

Teams: GodLike Esports, Team SouL, ForceOne x LegStump Esports, Revenant Esports, Team XO, 7Sea Esports, Global Esports, PV x IND, Skylightz Gaming, Marcos Gaming, Enigma Gaming, Team Rampage, Rivalry Esports, Red Owl Gaming, OR Esports, Orangutan, Blind eSports, Team 8Bit, Hydra Official, TSM.

THUG Invitational Season 3 Prize Pool

Total Prize Pool: INR 3 Lakhs

  • 1st Place: INR 1.4 Lakhs
  • 2nd Place: INR 80 Lakhs
  • 3rd Place: INR 50 Thousand

MVP: INR 30 Thousand

Where can You watch this tournament?

Here you watch this tournament live on LOCO in the Hindi Language on THUGWA Loco Account Link.

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