Enigma Gaming Won Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4 Grand Final National Finals BGMI

Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4 Grand Final National Finals India’s Esports tournament by Presented Red Bull. Win By ENIGMA GAMING with 1 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Placement Point 47, Finishes 23, and Total Point 70 and GodL Jonathan become Top Fragger in Grand Final.

The tournament was the most-watched unofficial tournament of the entire Battleground Mobile India to date and saw a lot of competition. There was very little distance between the three teams, only one point.

Enigma gaming will show itself as a big contender in the upcoming Battleground Mobile India series. But Skylight Gaming, GodLike ESports made a lot of competition. This tournament was a very close point gap between each team.

It was so that Skylightz Gaming had brought 1 point, they would have been it would win this tournament because they have 2 chicken dinners. In the last match if GodLike Esports get the chicken dinner and they become the winner of this tournament of course but that not might happen and Enigma gaming Win this tournament.

The tournament gets more than 3 million views on Youtube at JONATHAN GAMING, NodwinGaming, The Esports Club, SkyeSportsindia, MortaL, VillagerEsportsve, VLT SENTINEL, and VillagerEsportsve.

Which teams today top and Overall standing, and each game-winners. So check out more detail below. If you need any information related to this tournament, then click here and see the latest standings. You can read more artists about BGMI.

Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4 Grand Final

Teams took out WWCD

  1. SKYLIGHTZ GAMING Win the Chicken Dinner in Erangel
  2. CHEMIN ESPORTS Win the Chicken Dinner in Miramar
  3. ENIGMA GAMING Win the Chicken Dinner in Erangel
  4. TEAM XSPARX Win the Chicken Dinner in Miramar
  5. SKYLIGHTZ GAMING Win the Chicken Dinner in Sanhok
  6. ORANGUTAN Win the Chicken Dinner in Erangel

Overall Standing

Rank Team Name WWCD P.P F.P T.P
1 ENIGMA GAMING 1 47 23 70
3 GODLIKE ESPORTS 0 28 39 67
4 TEAM X SPARK 1 29 30 59
5 ORANGUTAN 1 30 24 54
6 TEAM XO 0 35 17 52
7 RIVALRY ESPORTS 0 26 18 44
8 CELSIUS ESPORTS 0 28 15 43
10 CHEMIN ESPORTS 0 23 15 38
11 NIGMA GALAXY 0 14 23 37
12 VELOCITY GAMING 0 16 19 35
13 8BIT 0 11 23 34
14 ELITE ESPORTS 0 15 16 31
15 TSM 0 11 18 29
16 TEAM FOREVER 0 3 13 16

Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4 Schedule, format and Prize Pool
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  • After National finance, top 16 teams qualify for Grand Final Red Bull M.E.O Season 4
  • Semi-final date 3rd December to 4th December
  • On the grand final day, the top 16 teams will play 6 matches in a single day that after Whoever is on top after the overall standings will be the winner of this tournament.
  •  0.00042 BTC add Each finish done by a team will add to their prize pool. The transactions are done via Coin DCX (Upto to 1 BTC).
  • The winning team will get to watch the 2022 Formula One Austrian Grand Prix at the red bull ring. Alongside an exclusive tour to the Hangar-7 museum.

Where did you watch this Tournament?

National Finals of Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4 You can watch the tournament On the Esports Wala YouTube channel at 12:00 PM Onward.

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