The Best BGMI Map To Increase F/D Ratio 2022

Developed by Krafton Inc. the popular battle Royale Game BGMI offers its players as many as Six Classic BR Maps to Showcase their Skills. All these maps have their own unique features that make them distinguishable from one another. However, Fights are an integral part of the Game And Can be witnessed on all maps. The Best BGMI Map To Increase F/D Ratio 2022

Players Opting for an Aggressive Play style can gather like minded teammates and Tread on the map of Karakin Which Serves as the best map to Increase F/D Ratio.

Karakin the best BGMI Map for Increasing F/D Ratio?

1) Smaller dimensions but decent lobby Size

While Erangel and Miramar Have a vast area With a dimension of 8×8 km, the map of Karakin is the Smallest along with Living when it Comes to dimensions (2×2 km). However, Since Livik is Still in its bete Version, the desert map of Karakin with its small Size, becomes the Perfect hunting ground for players willing to display sheer aggression.

Although the map is Smaller in Size Compared to other maps, it still enjoys a decent lobby size of 64 players. With So many players dropping into Such a Small Space, the Intensity of fights Increases by a great Margin. This helps players who are looking to increase their F/D Ratio.

2) Availability of Loot

The Map of Karakin is designed in Such a way that every Compound Contains good loot. There is no death of guns, utilities, Armor, attachments, and ammunition across buildings on the map Even Small Snacks Contain decent loot for a Player to gather and Fight with.

3) Unique geography

As mentioned before, Karkin is a desert map in BGMI. However, unlike Miramar, the High Ridges, mountains, and uneven terrain are more Common here. This makes it hard for players to hide, and they often end up engaging in more fights. As a result their F/D Ratio Increases Rapidly when they play on the Map.

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