BGMI Tips and Tricks to Survive Pecado Hot Drop Fight 2022

Pecado in Miramar is one of the most popular drop location across all classic mode maps in BGMI. Located in the heart of the desert map, the city often Turns into a hot drop as almost one third of the entire lobby Drops into the vicinity to get hold of the great loot available in the area. BGMI Tips and tricks to Survive Pecado hot Drop Fight 2022

With so many players dropping into the area together, most fail to survive and get out of the city. Therefore,they must learn how to direct their game style accordingly.

Tips can BGMI Players Follow to Survive Pecado hot Fights 

1. Use the Fastest Landing method

Hot drops in Battleground Mobile India require players to master the art of parachuting Experienced Players who Know how to land the fastest execute that to perfection.

After landing, if they find a gun, they spray down opponents who are still air borne in Miramar, Players need to drop at the 750 Meter Mark to land the fastest.

2. Avoid Dropping into the auditorium

There are several Compounds present in the city of Pecado. However, the Auditorium is reportedly the most popular Compound as most players try and drop into the building to get their hands on the best loot.

BGMI players Trying to survive the hot drop situations can avoid the dropping into the auditorium.

3. Strict with the squad

Manpower Plays a Crucial role in Battle Royale games like BGMI. Squads with all four players alive tend to win more fights than other.

In Pecado Hot Drop Fights, Players need to stick together and Play as a unit so that even if they are Knocked out, they can be quickly revived.

4. Use TPP And Height Advantage

Proper use of third Person Perspective (TPP) and Height advantage can help players Survive Pecado hot drop Fights. Since Pecado is a drop location where players exhibit rush gameplay, the defending players can use TPP to defeat the approaching enemies.

Moreover, the win twin red Buildings and the five storey building are the Tallest Structures in the Vicinity. Players can Climb to the Top of These buildings and Knock down enemies below them easily.

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