Seeing Nikki’s flirt with siddharth, Ali Goni grew on Sana

Seeing Nikki’s flirt with siddharth, Ali Goni grew on Sana

Ali Goni is a contestant who is in lime light even after being out, since the day Bigg Boss started, his name has been coming continuously and Ali Goni is constantly coming in lime light.

Now in yesterday’s episode we saw how Nikki Tamboli is wooing Siddharth Shukla. First, Khan advised Nikki Tamboli in this way, but he was over.

Seeing Nikki’s flirt with siddharth, Ali Goni grew on Sana

But let us tell you that there are 2 categories of people who are watching the Bigg Boss this time, the first category is liking the bonding of Nikki Tamboli and Siddharth Shukla.

But which is the second category, it is the people who do not like this flirting with Nikki, Siddharth’s bonding with Nikki.

Because he likes to see Shahnaz with Siddharth, Ali Goni has written a tweet on Twitter in which he has written a lot about Nikki.

This entire tweet which is showing the same thing that Ali Goni is not liking Nikki Tamboli in the way that she is getting close to Siddharth as if Nikki was adamant yesterday.

Then as soon as Siddharth went to Siddhartha, he must have talked for a while, after that Nikki agreed after that, from day one to Nikki Tamboli and Siddharth Shukla Nok Jhok which is going on.

The things that are going on flirting. Seeing the fun that is going on, the audience is getting angry on Nikki, why are you impressing Siddharth, why are you getting so close.

But Ali Goni has also said the same thing, now it will be seen what fans say on Ali’s talk and Ali’s name is coming very much because the way he is giving his process, maybe he will soon be in Bigg Boss Be seen

And Jasmine said in an interview before going to Bigg Boss that I will miss Ali a lot because I have a very good friend. Some people understand that both boyfriends are girlfriends.

But Ali said that Jasmine is a very good friend of mine and I will support her completely by staying outside

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