Salman khan gave nikki tamboli the opportunity to take items from bb mall and gave his future boyfriend advice!

Salman khan gave nikki tamboli the opportunity to take items from bb mall and gave his future boyfriend advice! 

You will know that the seniors have kept the Bigg Boss in the house with special rights

so that they are special powers to increase the troubles of the family.

Gauhar’s kitchen is occupied by Hina’s bb mall cinema spa gym on occupation is

a suit case similar to the contestant and Siddharth’s bedroom is occupied.

In the previous episodes you saw how the contestant of the bigg boss has to face many problems.

And all the households can take a total of 7 items and people are 11, so we watched the battles in the episodes.

Nikki Tamboli, who is home, they are hungry, whatever they want, they need their 2 personal items,

For this they fought with the whole house, then Siddharth explained then she went mother.

But by tweeting on behalf of colors, video has been shared in which Salman Khan gave Nikki a chance

that she can take anything from bb mall whatever she wants.

Seeing this, the whole family was stunned but it would also be easy because Nikki Tamboli has got some items but Nikki  can demand her personal items again.

Because they are his personal items, he may be some days he may not ask for personal items from Hina.

Salman Khan said that nikki is being given a privilege, you are being given only 2min time and cannot go to bb mall and take personal items.

The items that are being found in the bb mall can be taken but in 2min only then

The items you are getting in the mall can be taken, but in only 2min jasmin bhasin, seeing the holy and the house, laughs and Nikki comes and takes more than half.

Then Salman jokes that it is amazing, man, empties his entire mall and then Salman jokes that if anyone loves Nikki.

So don’t take them to the mall, they will make you spend a lot, the mall is also empty boy.

Salman khan gave nikki

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