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Eijaz khan became a fan of siddharth shukla What is the reason behind this?

Eijaz khan became a fan of siddharth shukla What is the reason behind this?

When the show started, in the initial 2 or 3 days, there was a debate between

Siddharth and eijaz where it was being said that siddharth versus eijaz had become eijaz against siddharth.

But the same eijaz was seen praising siddharth and he was seen saying during the conversation with shehzaad.

I became a fan of siddharth in Ki, now why did he say that now remember that when Siddharth Island was given the task,

Bigg Boss was against Nikki Tamboli at that time.

Now there was nikki.jasmin.pavitra in that task Now in that task, when all this happened,

it was not already planned, this eijaz said this during conversation with shehzaad.

When Eijaz khan said that the way in which Siddharth had applied his mind should have been the same,

because Nikki got immunity in Nikki’s task against the whole house.

Siddarth put his right mind to it when Shahzad went and dropped the glass, thinking that Nikki and the whole house were not saying this.

That it is better if Nikki does not get immunity and then Shahzad went and dropped the glass after Nikki when the task was over, the Bigg Boss said.

Tell me that Siddharth is the winner of the task, nikki.jasmin.pavitra is the winner and Siddhartha has put his mind once again to choke him.

He took the same decision against which the entire house was, he made Nikki Tamboli the winner of the task.

Then eijaz said that this man became a fan of this siddharth Shukla.

Against whom the entire household was getting immunity, only got immunity now,

All have to fight and get immunity because nikki was made immune.

So eijaz accepted that Siddhartha took the decision at that time because it was Siddhartha public to nominate Nikki all together.

That’s why he saved nikki! And nikki tamboli got immunity.

Eijaz khan became a fan

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