Brazil Colombia won the FIFA World Cup qualifiers

Brazil, Colombia won the FIFA World Cup qualifiers, will now compete against Peru and Chile

São Paulo, Ep. Brazil and Colombia made their debut in the first round of the FIFA World Cup football qualifiers with a resounding victory over weaker rivals. The matches were played without spectators due to the corona virus epidemic.

Brazil defeated Bolivia 5–0 in the rainy match while Colombia won 3–0 over Venezuela in the match played in Barranquilla. These two matches were almost one-sided. Bovilia’s team failed to do anything against Brazil and lost, while Venezuela looked very weak against Colombia.

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Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina have three full points after the first round, while Peru and Paraguay have one each. Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia have no open accounts. The second round matches will be played on Tuesday in which Peru will face Brazil, Bolivia against Argentina, Chile against Colombia, Ecuador’s Uruguay and Venezuela’s Paraguay.

A part of the stadium built with the help of FIFA collapsed

Geneva, Ep. A part of FIFA-assisted stadium in South Sudan collapsed during renovation work. The association, which conducts global football, said it is in contact with the South Sudan Football Association and has sought information about a minor incident this week at the Juba National Stadium in the country’s capital.

FIFA said that as per our information at the moment there have been no casualties or injuries in this case. The accident occurred during concrete work. Juba National Stadium is the only international level stadium in South Sudan. It was being remodeled with the help of the FIFA forward program. FIFA has given five million dollars (about Rs 3.6 crore) for renovation of the stadium.

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