Best Tactical Uses of Spider-Man’s Ability in PUBG and BGMI Mobile

Spider-Man is one of the Most Popular fictional Characters and his introduction to BGMI and PUBG Mobile has been Welcomed by Players across the Globe. This mode was Introduced in the 1.8 Update and has Received a great response. Beat Tactical Uses of Spider-Man’s Ability in PUBG and BGMI Mobile

To enjoy the new Mode Players need to Know how to use Spider-Man’s Ability to their advantage and win Matches.

Best Tactical Uses of Spider-Man’s Ability

1) use web Shooters to Climb on top of Bulidings

Web-Shooters are Found in different locations on the map of Erangel and Livik. Players can head over to These locations and equip themselves with Web-Shooters which they can use to Climb buildings easily without using stairs. This will help them reach the Top of the building quickly, and they will also be able to take their enemies by Surprise.

Players can then Confidently Knock down any enemies lurking below them using the height advantage.

2) Use Web-Shooters to climb on Trees

The Spider-Man themed mode enables players to fulfill their desire of climbing on top of trees. This has helped Campers massively as they postion themselves on top of branches and take down enemies below them. Since Opponents will not expect players to be Sitting in Trees, they will have difficulty spotting them and retaliating.

However, Players must remember to use Web-Shooters within a range of 30 Meters for it to function.

3) Cross the Bridge Using Web-Shooters

Bridge Camping is a popular strategy in Erangel in the new Spider-Man Mode, Players can use Web-Shooters to Cross the Bridge without the risk of getting Caught in the hands of bridge Campers.

They can either climb to the top of the bridge or use the Web-Shooters continuosly to swing underneath the Bridge. However, players must keep in mind that he Web-Shooters has a Cooldown of two Seconds.

4) Restrict Enemy Movement using Spiderweb Balls

Spider-Man balls can be Found in the same Boxes as Web-Shooters. BGMI and PUBG Mobile Players Can use Spiderweb Balls to restrict enemy movement, by slowing down their Speed Considerably. This can used to stop a rushing enemy or a prone enemy in the last Zone.

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