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PUBG live servers Will enter Maintenance for 8 hours starting July 6th

Update patch 12.1 on the battlegrounds we’re excited for you get your hands on our biggest Miramar update to date? Sweeping Changes have been made map wide including improve…Textures and on overhaul to lighting major points of Interest will still feel familiar but reduced object clutter to enhance ease of movement throughout the map. PUBG live servers Will enter Maintenance for 8 hours starting July 6th

Put your marksman skills to work with the armor piercing Lynx AMR sniper rifle and traverse the update desert landscape of Miramar on the new Quad off Road vehicle We’re appreciate everyone who had time to play the changes on the test server’s and graciously offer feedback based directly on your feedback we’re reduced Bloom in certain Weather Setting to improve Visibility

PUBG LABS: Racing Mode

Racing mode will soon arrive in PUBG LABS Experience a new way to play on the Battlegrounds as you battle your Opponents and race across tracks on the newly updated Miramar

Select your vehicle at race start

• Available vehicle motorcycle Buggy Coupe RB Dirt Bike Mirado

•Each vehicle comes equipped with a set of different weapons

• use the f8 key (Console D PAD Down) to toggle the vehicle Selection UI And changes Vehicles

• Upon Respawning your selection Vehicle will be spawned.

RACE Start

• player are spawned in their vehicle as the race  countdown begins

• You won’t be able to move or attack other players until the race starts.

• once the match start destroy anything in your path

• at match start player are invincible for 10 seconds and 5 seconds after each respawn to prevent the frustration of beings spawn killed.

PUBG live servers Will enter Maintenance for 8 hours starting July 6th

Miramar update

Throughout the map, we’ve focused on improving the overall visual quality (lighting especially) while also keeping a close eye on improving player interaction with the environment to improve your gameplay experience Expect an overall smoother experience with reduced object clutter less Troublesome Coastlines adjusted cover across the map and more

While points of interest will still feel very familiar we’ve introduced key changes to improve core gameplay and keep things feeling fresh keep an eye out and let us know what you think

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