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BGMI Jonathan Pro Player Voice Pack How To Get Free

BGMI Krafton Inc. have released the lastest 1.8 update. It is the first patch of the year, and, as a result, there are several New items, modes, event, maps and a lot more brought Into the game. BGMI Jonathan Pro Player Voice Pack How To Get Free

However, the introduction of Vioce packs of popular Streamers and Pro player has attracted the most attention to Battleground Mobile India Krafton had previously announced the Release of the voice packs of Snax, Jonathan, and Kaztro. Among the three. Jonathan Voice Pack was the First to appear on 18 January.

Details about BGMI Pro Player Jonathan Voice Pack Giveaway

Jonathan Voice Pack is available in two variants: the basis voice pack and the mythic Voice Pack. While the former Contains only English audio message, the mythic Voice Pack includes the Famous dialogs of Jonathan In.Both Hindi and English.

These Voice packs do not come for free. Players can head to the in Game Shop to purchase the basic voice pack for 250 UC or buy lucky Crates to Obtain the mythic Voice Pack.

However, in a recent Instagram post, Battleground Mobile India announced a Massive giveaway where users can get Jonathan Voice packs for Free. The post highlights the fact that 30 Lucky Winner’s will get the basis voice pack for free, while 30 other lucky Winner’s will receive the mythic Voice Pack in BGMI.

Step by Step

Step 1: Gamers need to follow the official Instagram handle of Battleground Mobile India.

Step 2: They Must use the hashtag #PLAYASYOURHERO And Share the Post with their respective squads on their Social media Profiles.

• Step 3: Then, users must tap on the link provided in the bio of Battlegrounds Mobile India Instagram page and fill up the form describing why they love Jonathan.

Step 4: They need to ensure that their answers are better than the others, which will considerably increase their Chance of winning the giveaway.

Players must remember that participating in the give giveaway does not ensure winning it, as many other fans of Jonathan will also be Participating. Winning in the giveaway involves a matter of luck as well.

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