FFPL 2021 Winter Quiz Contest: Get The amazing Poker MP40 Skin and Day 6 Result

FFPl 2021 Winter Quiz Contest: Get the amazing Poker MP40 Skin by taking part in the event it was Just a few days ago that he second week of Free Fire Pro league 2021 winner League had ended. Garena Has already organized a quiz Contest for the players.

The FFPL 2021 Winter Quiz Contest offers fans the chance to win amazing Prizes if they correctly answer a question. Garena Posted a new question for fans Today. During the event, players will be able to obtain the Cupid Poker MP40 Skin

Participate in the FFPL 2021 winter Quiz Contest to get the Amazing Free Fire Cupid Poker MP40 Skin.

Taking Part in Quize Contents always attracts the attention of fans, resulting in positive engagement. Contestant must answer a specific question. Additionally, they must provide their own user ID in the Comment section. Meanwhile, Garena released a question a few hours ago. To obtain the Poker MP40 Skin, the fans have to respond as soon as possible do you Know the answer? they posted. If you answer the question with your UID, you can Win Poker MP40 (14-Day Trial) Tip in match week 2, they only played Six Rounds make sure  you include your UID With Your Correct answer, Survivors!

Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winner Day 6 Result:

The League Stages of FFPL 2021 winter is finally over the Top 12 Teams qualify for the final of the Competition. Day 6 i.e the final day of the league Stage has experienced Some of the best Battles of the Competition. Meanwhile, Revenant ESports replaces Chemin Esports at the Top. However popular teams like Elite, Desi Gamers, Zero Degree Failed to qualify for the FFPL 2021 Winter Final. So, let’s Check out the full Standings of the Free Fire Pro League 2021 League Stages.

Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter League Stages Revenant Esports Replaces Chemin Esports at the Top

The Final Day the league Stage Finished off with close battles. Meanwhile, Revenant Esports has delivered Consistent Performance throughout the day to Clinch the top Position. They have managed to secure a total of 263 Points. They are way above the others moreover the team has Completed a total Number of 177 kill points which is the highest number among all the teams. Meanwhile, Chemin Esports dropped to the 2nd position with 251 Points. They have managed to 115 kill points moreover Nigma Galaxy Ranked 3rd wih 242 Points. They had kill points of 107.

Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winner Final Top 12 Team qualify For FFPL 2021 Winter Final


Meanwhile, team Insane Esports Jumped up to the 4th spot with 239 Points. They had total Kill points of 90. Total Gaming ESports. Team Chaos, KM Brotherhood, Godlike ESports, TSM, Aura Gaming Esports, Assassin’s Army Esports, and PVS Gaming Esports Have Secured the rest of the qualifying postions. They have earned 234, 232, 225, 210, 206, 194, 185, and 183 Points respectively. However, popular Teams like Elite Desi Gamer’s, Zero Degree Falied to qualify for the Final of the Competition.

Basically, FFPL 2021 Winner Final will be held on 30th January 2022. All the matches will be live Streamed on the Free Fire Esports India official YouTube Channel. So, they tuned.

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