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The Best Upcoming Games 2022 For Mobile

The mobile game has ready come into Its own in recent years with tons of great New games released every month The only issue is that the Google Play Store is still a mess so Finding upcoming Android games can be an absolute nightmare

To help we put together This list of the 5 best upcoming Android games in categories like adventure action racing and more have a look and get ready to mark your more calendars

Best Upcoming Mobiles Games

1 Dauntless 

Dauntless is a Free play Co-op action RPG That is Currently available for PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Developer Phoenix Labs has said the mobile version of the game is currently in the early concept phase but has not provided an exact timeframe for when it will be released

Mobile development was temporarily put on the backburner in 2019 however. According to a recent interview with the lead Product, manager has Reifenrath the company is still committed to releasing Dauntless on Mobile something in the Future

In Dauntless you step into the shoes of a Slayer and your Job is to take down monsters Known as behemoths. You can hunt solo or team up with three other Slayers with every kill you get Crafting materials that you can then use to make weapons to take on even scarier monsters.

Like the Console and PC Version, Dauntless on Android will likely be free to play title that requires a constant internet connection

2 Valorant

Riot hit first-person shooter Valorant made a big splash when it launched on PC in 2020 and at the one-year celebration event, the company announced that the game is now coming to Mobile.

For now, we’re pretty light on details we know that the game will have some tweaks to make it more mobile Friendly (which Riot successfully achieved with wild Rift) and that there will be no cross-play with PC Have stated that it’s coming something in year two so likely an early 2022 release

3 Apex Legends 

While News about a mobile version of Apex Legends has been few and far between lately we know for sure that Respawn Entertainment hit battle royale title is coming to Mobile devices soon shortly after the game original release deva Confirmed that a mobile version is in the works

EA remained silent after that until April of 2021 The game is currently in closed beta in the Philippines and India so users in those regions can try it out right away it’s been redesigned for mobile from the ground up which means touch controls and other optimization Unfortunately this also means it won be capable of cross-platform play with PC Or Console

4 Pokemon Sleep


Although this is the second Pokemon Title on this list of Upcoming Android Games it was announced for earlier Pokemon Sleep was First announced way back in May of 2019 although there has been little news since

Still new game’s in the Pokemon Franchise are always something to look out for and this one takes a unique approach instead of actively exploring to catch em all Pokemon Sleep is designed to turn sleeping into entertainment by tracking your sleeping patterns

It’s not entirely clear how this will work but Pokemon Go Successfully turned walking into entertainment so who knows to stay tuned for more details on this one something in 2021

5. H1Z1

H1Z1 is a battle Royale game similar to PUBG and Fortnite You Jump out of an airplane with up to 150 other players and Start looking for guns ammo and other supplies Once you land then it’s time to go on the hunt and take down as many opponents as possible the last one standing wins

The play zone gets smaller and smaller throughout the game bringing Players closer together and making sure you’re always on your toes Just like PUBG there are vehicles available so you can get from place to place Faster you can play solo or team up with one or even four other players

H1Z1 isn’t as popular as PUBG or Fortnite but it still has millions of devoted fans it’s Free to play and available on PS4 And PC The Company has Confirmed a Mobile version is in the works but there are so many details on when it’s coming we update this list as soon as we know more.

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