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NetEase’s New 5v5 Tactical Shooter For Mobile a Blatant Clone of Valorant

Ever Since Riot Released its 5v5 Based FPS Shooter Valorant last Year The Game has Garnered massive popularity Among PC Gamers The game abilities-based agents put a unique twist on the Traditional tactical Shooters style Gameplay That became popular with titles such.NetEase’s New 5v5 Tactical Shooter For Mobile a Blatant Clone of Valorant

As CS: Go it made all the difference for Riot and Helped it to gain a massive player based for Valorant Now A Chinese Company has taken not Just Cues but Complete characters and abilities from valorant book to develop a mobile clone of Riot’s flagship title The offender here is NetEase and the Game is Called Project M.

NetEase’s New 5v5 Tactical Shooter For Mobile Project M blatant clone

Dubbed project M The New Mobile Title Was recently announced by the company and the beta test period for the title kicked off earlier this week it will last till August 6 (today) on the Google Play Store but we are not sure which region it is restricted to

Project M is essentially a mobile clone 9f Valorant Although Riot has Confirmed to release a mobile version of its FPS Title in the future projects M shows How the game might look on the mobile platform this is because NetEase Has blatantly copied every ability of agents in Valorant and put them in the various Heroes of Project M The developers have also copied some of the Character designs from Valorant and released them with different names.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning too that the name of the title is projected M also has a Connection with Riots title it is pretty similar to the initial codename 9f Valorant Project Riot developers used this name to refer to Valorant during its development stage back in 2019

So as you can imagine NetEase Not Just took cues From Valorant but made a clone of the game for the Mobile Platform Although There have been no repercussions for it as of now things might get spicy when Riot releases its rumored Valorant Mobile Later

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