VCC India Qualifier 2 Semifinal Global Esports VS Team T69 (Valorant Conquerors Championship)

VCC India qualifier 2 semifinals are live on the NODWIN Gaming Youtube channel, and the first match is played between GE VS T69.

Global Esports Defeat Team T69 by 2-1 score in BO3 Match. Both teams played their best and Team t69 give very tuff competition to Global esports on bind and secure 1 map for them but on the other 2 maps Global Esports show domination and win this Semifinal.

VCC India Qualifier 2 Semifinal GE VS T69

Selected Maps played by Global Esports and Team T69 are -:

  • Icebox
  • Bind
  • Split
Selected Maps by GE and T69
Selected Maps by GE and T69

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1. Icebox 

With complete domination Global Esports Defeats Team T69 by a 13-4 score on Icebox. In 1st half score is 8-4 and in the 2nd half Global Esports never give a chance to T69 for a comeback.

In this map, Skrossi becomes the match MVP with 25 kills and Strixx for his team with 16 kills.

GE VS T69 Icebox
GE VS T69 Icebox

2. Bind

On Bind with a very tuff fight with Global Esports, Team T69 take this map by a score of 15-13. In 1 half Global Esports have a lead of 7-5 and in 2nd half Team T69 wins his pistol round and also a bonus round with this they level the score 7-7 after this score went to 12-9 and then Global Esports getting back to the game. And the match went to overtime 1st  overtime was a draw and 2nd Team T69 both rounds and secure the match.

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With this, they level the score 1-1 in the BO3 battle. In this match, Strixx becomes the match MVP with 20 kills and Skrossi for his team with 23 kills.

T69 VS GE Bind
T69 VS GE Bind

3. Split

In Split, Global Esports did the same they did on the Icebox they show their complete domination on this map secured this map and wins this BO3 battle.

1st half story is like GE secures 9 rounds and T69 able to secure only 3 rounds and in the 2nd half, GE wins all rounds except 1 and a close match with the score of 13-4.

In this Match of Split Skrossi become the Match MVP with 32 kills and Strixx for his team with 14 kills.

GE VS T69 Split
GE VS T69 Split

with this win, Global Esports are headed to the finals of VCC India Qualifier 2 and they face the winner of the semifinal which is happening between Team XO and Enigma Gaming. The Final is the BO5 battle.

Team T69 is going to fight for 3rd place with looser of 2nd semifinal. T69 has a second chance to qualify for the VCC Grand finals from 3 aspects.

  • Global Esports Wins the final of qualifier 2
  • Enigma Gaming gets into the Final lose to GE
  • T69 gets the 3rd position and then they can fight in wildcard qualifiers.

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