Gaming firm Lakshya Digital going to set up Brilliant Centre in Bengaluru

Gaming firm Lakshya Digital to set up Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru

In Pune company Gaming firm Lakshya Digital Pvt Ltd will going to add upto 200 in their newly set in Bengaluru. In India’s silicon valley the game art creation company seeks to make a centre of excellence.

The company was one of the biggest gaming process outsourcing company World wide.and the biggest gaming art creator in India,they would focusing on some specific areas that will help in strengthen its world wide.

Manvendra Shukul, chief executive officer at Lakshya said that we have two to three areas where we are wanted to build competence globally — hard surface modelling vehicle, animation and vehicle creation.

The Bengaluru studio is the third company after Pune and Gurugram and sixth after the Seattle, Tokyo and London.the studio will be started in the end of March and team is ready to working remotely.lakshay has put in place of leadership team in Bengaluru.

Manvendra shukul — there are some key changes under the way in the market, publisher were going to reduce costs resulting is an increase in outscoring.he said that business had grown up by 30% in the past year and expecting this to continue going forward. Bengaluru will play a vital role in its expansion plans.

Lakshya Digital going to set up an academy to ensure it has steady pipeline of trained talent need for the industry.

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