Now let’s you send money US to India and Singapore by Google pay

Now let’s you send money US to India and Singapore by Google pay

Western Union has partnered with Google and wise to process money. Google allowed their Google pay user to send money to friends, family and relatives in India and Singapore.western Union has partnered with Google and wise to facilitate the money transfer.this will gonna amazing feature of Google pay this year.

The first time Google is allowed their user for cross border money transfer on its platform.both user Us and India have access to Google pay.  In different ways application india, the application is primarily on (UPI)Unified Payments Interface platform and recently card payment being introduced in India.

According to the big website noted that india is the biggest remittance receiver country in the world with over $80 billion in transfer in it’s not surprising thing for india.

In the Google pay,the application will indicate you when payment is received.the different payment processor different fees to facilitate international transactions but you will be able to see accurate amount when your will receive money.this feature will make many people work easy with this easy international  money transactions method.

Now Google not taking any charges or any additional fees for these transactions till 16 of june. Western Union making money transfer free under $500 in india currency 💵 Rs 36,688 on using this new features of Google pay.

In the end of the year people can send money 200 countries through Western Union and 88 country wise Google pay will used more with this amazing feature.

Don’t forget to tell me what you think about this new features of Google pay in comments section.

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