Fortnite leaks points to possible future Loki skin leaks

Fortnite leaks point to possible future Loki skin

Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 Loki and thor all but confirmed to arrive. Fortnite leaks point to possible future Fortnite leak Loki skin.

The Fortnite 16.50 update has just gone live one particular loading screen that went live with this update showed the silhouettes of what looked like Loki and thor

This loading screen is a part of the Fortnite crew rewards for many players who have to subscribe to Fortnite crew have been receiving these screens once a week.

There is no specific date for these two Stewarts from marvel to arrive in the game their silhouette has been spotted on a loading screen and that’s all that the community knows about these two heroes at this point.

Given that there’s an ongoing DC collaboration in Fortnite that will extend into chapter 2 season 7 Loki and thor may arrive in the game towards that latter half of the next season. Or they might arrive at the very beginning of the next season itself provided there aren’t any legal issues

The thor skin whenever it comes to the game will in all probability be new altogether

Epic games haded out the same Tertemat to the Batman Catwoman and Harley Quinn character during this season and there’s no reason for them to treat thor any definitely

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