Battleground Mobile maps, Gameplay that all things are same as PUBG

We don’t know when ground mobile is launching in India? and we are not interested in answering that question here. But here year we answered you that what is copied from old PUBG in this new upcoming Battleground Mobile India. Battleground Mobile maps, Gameplay that all things are same as PUBG

The new version of pubg has teased many features that a long-time pubg mobile player would not be surprised with Battleground mobile India once its launches in India.
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Battleground Mobile maps, Gameplay that all things are same as PUBG

Teaser hinting that we can see old pubg gameplay looks in the new version and at a familiar experience that players enjoyed before banning pubg. Gameplay to APK size even to maps, battleground mobile India seem to be the only name change at a first glance.

It looks like that we are waiting for the name change of pubg. but the wait is for no more because (BGMI) Battleground Mobile India launching in the third week of June 2021.
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PUBG Mobile VS Battleground Mobile India


The teaser Has shown the same metallic welding helmet in the teaser that defined Pubg mobile. Krafton is using the same costume in the battleground mobile teaser and even on social media.

We would possibly see things in BGMI and it’s also shown in teaser jumping with parachute, airdrop in between a match, and some ability to loot weapons.

These are some system requirements every game need a smartphone with at least 5.1.1 Android and the above device needs 2GB RAM to play the game


Pubg mobile game map erangel has been confirmed in Battleground mobile India but with the twist the map likely to called erangle instead of erangel it is some minor difference buy Krafton to look different from Tencent Pubg mobile?
Apart from erangle Sainok and Miramar also confirmed with the teaser but not vikendi( the snow map) Battleground mobile India yet.


Battleground mobile India will be a 600 MB application on Playstore.

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