Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Early Access October 6 2021

Battlefield’s iconic sandbox warfare is back and better than ever Take on revamped fan Favourite Modes discover new innovative experiences and witness an unprecedented scale that adds a new dimension to your multiplayer battles. Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Early Access October 6, 2021

The next generation of fan-favorite Conquest and Breakthrough features the largest Battlefield maps Ever and Up to 128 Players Experience the intensity of all-out warfare on Maps filled with dynamic  weather and spectacular world Events

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Battlefield Portal

Change the Rules of war and discover unexpected battles across the wide Universe of Battlefield Reply the reimagined classics Battlefield 1942 Battlefield bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 or deeply on these timeless maps with the modern arsenal and content of Battlefield 2042

An al new high stakes Squad based game type that is a modern take on the multiplayer experience hazard Zone is distinctly Battlefield but very different from the Modes of all-out warfare

Conquest and Breakthrough have never looked or played better than in Battlefield 2042 Battle across land air and sea in frantic 128-player flights Battlefield massive

iconic sandbox mode Returns this time supporting 128 Players on Xbox Series X|S PlayStation ®5 and PC the maps have been specifically designed for this vast scale with action divided into clusters of various kinds also the action now the center’s around sectors consisting of several flags instead of individual control points the return of

Breakthrough sees two teams Attackers and defenders Battle over larger-scale Sectors as the attackers push towards the final objective Each sector is designed to house a larger number of players enabling more strategic choice and more flanking opportunities Approach the Capture area’s from multiple locations and take advantage of more types of tactical possibilities

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