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EsportsBGMITHUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Day 2 Scoreboard, Top Fragger, Point Table,...

THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Day 2 Scoreboard, Top Fragger, Point Table, Result

THUG Invitational Season 3 Result, Scoreboard & Point Table & These teams took out Winner Winner Chicken Dinner on Day 2 Global Esports , Orangutan, Skylightz Gaming & Much More...

THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Day 2 Esports tournament by THUG. Esports the tournament gets more than 300k views on LOCO. This is just day 2, it is going to be very amazing and enjoyable in the coming days, so stay connected and Which teams picked up the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner today and overall standing, Top 4 Fragger, and each game-winners. So check out more detail below.

These teams took out Winner Winner Chicken Dinner THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Day 2

  1. Skylightz Gaming Win the First Chicken Dinner in Erangel
  2. Orangutan Win the Second Chicken Dinner in Miramar
  3. Global Esports Win the third Chicken Dinner in Sanhok

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THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Day 2 Match  Overall Standing

1Global Esport36942111
2Team XO0392665
3Marcos Gaming0323365
3TSM FTX0233861
6Enigma Gaming0331851
7Rivalry Esports0311748
9F1LS Esports0192140


10Skylightz Gaming1191938
11Hydra Official092330
13Team 8bit0102029
14OR Esports062323
15Revenant Esports014921
167Sea Esports041720
17PV x IND071319
18Team Rampage011818


19Team SOUL061218


THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI Day 2 Top 4 Fragger



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THUG Invitational Season 3 BGMI These Teams Invited

Teams: GodLike Esports, Team SouL, ForceOne x LegStump Esports, Revenant Esports, Team XO, 7Sea Esports, Global Esports, PV x IND, Skylightz Gaming, Marcos Gaming, Enigma Gaming, Team Rampage, Rivalry Esports, Red Owl Gaming, OR Esports, Orangutan, Blind eSports, Team 8Bit, Hydra Official, TSM.

THUG Invitational Season 3 Prize Pool

Total Prize Pool: INR 3 Lakhs

  • 1st Place: INR 1.4 Lakhs
  • 2nd Place: INR 80 Lakhs
  • 3rd Place: INR 50 Thousand

MVP: INR 30 Thousand

Where can You watch this tournament?

Here you watch this tournament live on LOCO in the Hindi Language on THUGWA Loco Account Link.

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