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Free Fire x Money Heist Event Free Gold Vault Skin and much more

Free Fire Collaboration With Money heist popularly Known as La Casa De Papel, there is a boatload of new Themed Collectibles For the players to snag. Furthermore, new ones are being added to the Collection every day. Free Fire x Money Heist Event Free Gold Vault Skin and much more

A new Bag O’ Cash Backpack, Gold Vault gloo wall, Red Robster Vector, and Several themed Items have been added as part of the Reload Target Down event. However, Games will require Diamonds to attain them.

Free Fire x Money Heist Event Free Gold Vault Skin

The Event Kicked off on 6 December and requires players to Fire away to attain the Cosmetics, much to their delight. The Users First Attempt is Free, So they can try their hand at winning these rewards.

Like the faded Wheel, once a Prize has been earned, it will be subsequently removed and replaced by items From the Grand Prize Pool, i.e, Golden Magazine.

Moreover, no new items will be added once all the five Grand Prizes have been incorporated. The list of items available are as Follows

• Ottero Pet

• Death’ Loot

• Diamond Royale Voucher

• Hellfire M4A1 Crate

• The Devil’s Blessings Surfboard the Golden Magazine ( Grand Prize)

• Gloo Wall Gold Vault

• Pan Great Heist

• Pet Skin Ottero Heist

• Bag O’ Cash

• Vector Red Robster

The Cost of Firing will also increase and is as Follows: Free, 19, 39, 59, 79, 99, 99, 99, 99,

Obtaining The Rewards

Players Can Open The Event interface and Fire For free to get items randomly. A Grand Prize will replace the item. They Can Continue Making Spins to Receive the items.

Since the overall Cost of attaining all the rewards is 691 diamonds, it is a steal, considering the long list of items available in the event. For instance, just the Ottero Pet Wil Cost 699 Diamonds in the store. Moreover, Gloo walls and permanent gun Skins not do Come Cheap within the Game.

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