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Free Fire Gift of Light Spin Event Legendary Coustom And Weapon Skin

Free Fire Is Celebrating Diwali With Much Gusto And many New Event Are Making Their Way Into The game here is all about The Free Fire Gift of Light Spin Event in the game which Recently sold made its Debut.

The Free Fire Gift is Light Event started on 3rd November And Will Stay In the game till 9th November 2021 This Event And Features tons of Legendary and Premium Costume bundles along with a wide selection of weapon Skin. It also features a token exchange shop which also has some great rewards for the players to redeem.

Free Fire Gift of Light

This is the biggest Free Fire Diwali Event and has the Widest Selection of Exclusive Cosmetic Including Costume Bundles and weapon Skin.

This Spain Has There Parts In Total

• Costume Bundles Spin

• Weapon Skins Spin

• Redeem Section

The Costume Bundles Section Of Free Fire Gift Of Light Has A wide Variety of Costume bundles Containing Legendary And Normal Costumes. The Spin For This Costs 199 For 1X spin and 899 for 5x spin guarantees Premium Costume The prize Pool for The Spin is:

Legendary Gun Skin’s

• M1887-Hand of Hope

• MP40-Crazy Bunny

• Thompson- Thrash metallic

• Vector-Aquablaze Wrath

• Ak-The Flamming Dragon

• AUG-Cyber Bounty Hunter

• M1014-Underground How1

•M4A1-Scorching Sands



• SCAR-Cupid

• Thompson-Time Traveller

• AK-Flamming Red

• Ak-Skull Hunter

• AK-Winterlands

• An94-Carrot-Imp Head

• An94-Cataclysm

• An94-Ruby Bride

• An94-Spikey Spine

• AWM-Duke Swallowtail

AWM-Lucky Koi

FAMAS-Lucky Koi

Famous-Teenage Dream


Famous-Warrior’s Spirit


M4A1-FFCS 2020

M4A1-Flaming Skull

M4A1-Star General

M60-Crimson Red

M79-Midnight Mafia

MP40-New Year

MP5-Champion Crater


P90-Reb Academy

P90-The Punishers

With each Spin Players Will Also Get A Gift Of Light Tokens These Tokens can be used to redeem some other costume Bundles gun Skins and other useful items From the Redeem Section.

How to access The Free fire gift of light

Open the Free Fire app and then go to the Calendar section of the game on the top Right

After this click on the News Tab And then on the Gift of Light Tab On The Left.

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