Team SOUL Won War Mania Pro Warrior Cup Season 1 Result, Point Table, Overall Standing

Pro Warrior Cup Season 1 BGMI Esports tournament by Presented War Mania Official Win By Team SOUL with 2 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Placement Point 84, Finishes 85, and Total Point 169 and VLT Attanki become Top Fragger in Grand Final.

Pro Warrior Cup Season 1 BGMI Grand Finals Day 4 The tournament gets more than 350k views on LOCO.

Which team today top and Top Player Overall standing, MVT, and each game-winners. So check out more detail below. If you need any information related to this tournament, then click here and see the latest standings. You can read more artists about BGMI.


  • Total Prize Pool 3,65,00 INR
  1. Winner Team SOUL with Total Prize 2,00,000 INR
  2. Runner-Up Rivalry Esports with Total Prize 75,000 INR
  3. 2nd Runner-Up Velocity Gaming with Total Prize 40,000 INR


  • VLT Attanki Price Pool 25,000 INR


  • Team SOUL Price Pool 25,000 INR

Overall Standing

  1. TEAM SOUL 169 Total Point
  2. RIVARLY ESPORTS 158 Total Point
  3. VELOCITY GAMING 157 Total Point
  4. RCD ESPORTS 141 Total Point
  5. UDOG INDIA 129 Total Point
  6. TEAM XO 128 Total Point
  7. RAVENTYCO 118 Total Point
  8. 7 SEA ESPORTS 117 Total Point
  9. RECKONING 115 Total Point
  10. TEAM FREELANCER 114 Total Point
  11. BLIND ESPORTS 114 Total Point
  12. CELSIUS FTW 97 Total Point
  13. R ESPORTS 92 Total Point
  14. NIGMA GALAXY 88 Total Point
  15. RVNG ESPORTS 83 Total Point
  16. TEAM 8BIT 62 Total Point
  17. OR ESPORTS 53 Total Point
  18. TEAM GODLIKE 33 Total Point

Playing Team

Team SouL, GodLike, Team Xo, OR Esports, 7Sea Esports, Velocity Gaming, Reckoning Esports🇮🇳, UDog India, RVNG Esports, NIgma Galaxy, Team Freelancer, Blind Esports, Team 8Bit, Rivarly Esports, RCD Esports, Raven TYCO, Celsius FTW and R Esports.

Where you watch this Tournament

The Pro Warrior Cup Season 1 Grand Finals Grand Finals BGMI You can watch the tournament On the War Mania Official YouTube channel.

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