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Best BGMI Teams In India 2022 (February 2022)

BGIS 2021 is Battleground Mobile India most prestigious Tournament. Following the huge success of the Online Qualifiers, Quarter Finals and Semi Finals, the Tournament has reached it’s last Round with the Grand Finals.

After nearly a month of action and intense gameplay, 16 BGMI Esports Teams will battle it out in the grandest stage of them all. A mixture of invited and rising teams make the Competition Grand Finals Unique, and it will be worth watching to see which team becomes the First Ever BGIS Champions.

Best 5 BGMI Teams In India 2022

1) GodLike ESports

GodLike ESports is the team to beat in Every BGMI Esports Tournament. GodLike Performance in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series has been Stunning. Although the team finished third on the Semi Finals Leaderboard, ClutchGod has Constantly reminded the audience that their real game will be Showcased in the Grand Finals Where they will attempt one Sided domination.

2) Team XO

Team XO is a team that has repeatedly impressed the audience with their Consistency. Led by Sensei as the IGL And Punkk as the Favourite to become the inaugural champions of BGIS. With a Couple of Chicken Dinners, Team XO Topped the Leaderboards in the Semi Finals.

3) Skylightz Gaming

Skylightz Gaming has dominated the Lobby in all the Previous Rounds of the Tournament. Theirs Performance has been one of the most consistent. Saumraj’s Leadership and Pukar’s insane Gun Skills were the main highlights for the Team.

With strong performance so far, Skylightz Gaming Could definitely shine in the Grand Finals.

4) TSM

Team solo mid has been one of the most Dominating teams in BGIS 2021. The 31 Kills Chicken Dinner by TSM in Round 3 of the Tournament still stands as a record. TSM is Known for their aggressive gameplay, and they will be the force to reckon with in the Grand Finals if they Continue with the same Pace.

5) Team X Spark

With mavi and Scout at the helm of affairs Gill and Ultron as the pillars of the team, Xspark Stands as one of the most experienced lineups in BGMI Esports. A Crowd favourite the team has earned three Chicken Dinners in the Semi Finals.

With plenty of experience in all three maps, Team Xspark Can be considered a team that Could shine In the Grand Finals.


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