World’s best-selling top-10 5G smartphone 2020 including iPhone 12

iPhone 12 became the world’s best-selling 5G smartphone, these smartphones included in the top-10

Apple iphone has become the world’s top-10 5G best selling smartphone in the month of 12 October 2020. Apple’s first 5G smartphone series was launched after a long wait due to Corona virus. However, the launch of the 5G enabled iPhone 12 smartphone has continued since its launch.

The two smartphones of the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, have been included in the list of top-10 5G selling smartphones 2020. Also included are Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei smartphones.

How many sales of which smartphone

Market research firm Counterpoint was the top best selling smartphone Apple iphone 12 for October this year. Its market share was around 12 percent. At the same second position, Apple’s own smartphone iphone 12 Pro was included. Its market share was 8 percent.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G comes in third place. However, its market share was much lower at around 4%. At the same time, Huawei Nova 7 5G stood at fourth position with 3 percent.

At the same fifth position, Huawei P40 5G was included with 3 percent. With this comes the name of Oppo A72 5G, Huawei P40 5G with 3 percent market share, while Samsung Galaxy note 20 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G and Oppo Reno 4 SE with 2 percent market share. Top-10 5G smartphone 2020.

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