Top 10 Horror Movie | Top 10 Horror Movies of all Time Best

Top 10 Horror Movie | Top 10 Horror Movies of all Time Best

Top 10 Horror Movie All Time Best English and hindi Movies After watching these, you will not be able to sleep at night, so please try these movies with your friends.

When you see these horror movies with your friends, you are going to have a lot of fun. Try to see in the dark that only then is it fun to watch these movies

Now I am going to tell you about the top 10 horror movies of the world which are also available in Hindi and English.

Top 10 Horror Movie

10. Grave encounter (2011)

This movie shows you guys. Some friends live in a house. Ghosts come to that house. Something similar happens. Do not forget to watch this movie with your friends in this movie and this movie is very special because when no one is scared in the dark, they get scared.

Grave encounter IMBD Rating 6.1/10
Grave encounter Rotten Tomato Percentage 67%
Grave encounter Google likes film user 92%
Grave encounter Time :- 1h 35m
Grave encounter Release date 1 June 2011

9. Rec 2007

This movie is in Spanish but it is also available in Hindi and English and within this movie you will get a lot of other real effects and visual effects type horror and it will look completely real to you and you will enjoy it a lot. Watch it at night and have more fun.

Rec IMBD Rating 7.4/10
Rec Rotten Tomato Percentage 89%
Rec Google likes film user 85%
Rec Time :- 1h 18m
Rec Release date 23 November 2007

8. A Nightmare on elm Street (1984)

In this movie, the villain who is his ghost comes in the night in the dream. He kills the girl with a bhaga. But when it comes in real, what happens in this movie, you see and enjoy.

A Nightmare On Elm Street IMBD Rating 7.5/10
A Nightmare On Elm Street Rotten Tomato Percentage 94%
A Nightmare On Elm Street Google likes film user 91%
A Nightmare On Elm Street Time :- 1h 31m
A Nightmare On Elm Street Release date 16 November 1984

7. Don’t breathe 2016

Let me tell you one thing about Miss Movie. If you say anything you will be killed. So don’t say anything, it can hear from ghosts, can’t see, so that’s why watching at night from your earphone and having fun with headphones

Don’t breathe IMBD Rating 7.1/10
Don’t breathe Rotten Tomato Percentage 88%
Don’t breathe Google likes film user 91%
Don’t breathe Time :- 1h 28m
Don’t breathe Release date 25 August 2016

6. Birabox 2018

This movie is a Netflix original and you will know. Netflix is a very big company which makes its own web series now own movies which are much more fantastic and unique, so watch this movie with a lot fun on it.

Birabox IMBD Rating 6.6/10
Birabox Rotten Tomato Percentage 63%
Birabox Google likes film user 87%
Birabox Time :- 2h 4m
Birabox Release date 14 December 2018

5. Wrong turn 2003

This movie is so scary that you will stop eating non-veg food and after watching it, you people will feel very scared, then watch it at night. If possible, use earphones or headphones.

Wrong turn IMBD Rating 6.1/10
Wrong turn Rotten Tomato Percentage 40%
Wrong turn Google likes film user 86%
Wrong turn Time :- 1h 25m
Wrong turn Release date 30 May 2003

4. The ring 2002

A tape is played in this movie. After watching it on TV, you will die in 7 days, but it remains to be seen. How does it die Must watch this movie

The Ring IMBD Rating 7.1/10
The Ring Rotten Tomato Percentage 71%
The RingGoogle likes film user 85%
The Ringv Time :- 2h 25m
The Ring Release date 7 February 2003

3. A Quite place 2018

Keep pin drop silence in this movie. If you did not keep pin drop silence then you should You will lose your life. Must watch this movie

A Quite place IMBD Rating 7.5/10
A Quite place Rotten Tomato Percentage 96%
A Quite place Google likes film user 89%
A Quite place Time :- 1h 31m
A Quite place Release date 6 April 2018

2. Paranormal activity 2007

If you watch this movie alone, once you see a part of this movie, then you will understand a lot in watching all its lessons and who is more scary, watch this movie alone.

Paranormal activity IMBD Rating 6.3/10
Paranormal activity Rotten Tomato Percentage 83%
Paranormal activity Google likes film user 85%
Paranormal activity Time :- 1h 26m
Paranormal activity Release date 8 January 2007

1. The Conjuring 2013

The Conjuring Movie to Real Story and This Movie Won Everybody’s Heart. You will feel so scared of the dark after watching this movie. You will not even go to the toilet alone.

The Conjuring IMBD Rating 7.5/10
The Conjuring Rotten Tomato Percentage 86%
The Conjuring Google likes film user 92%
The Conjuring Time :- 1h 52m
The Conjuring Release date 2 August 2013


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