Top Worst to Best Portable Speakers Under Rupees Rs 1000

Here is the list of some best portable speakers under 1000 which gives you an idea of which one to buy after users experience sound, built quality, battery running time, The top 8 Portable Bluetooth speakers are from worst to best.


8. F&D W4

The price of the speaker is much heavy than its sound quality it is portable, Amazing built design quality with sd card slot but it makes no sense because of its worst sound. The price of this speaker is 1000.

7. Zebronics Zeb County

The built design is made up of plastic, It consists of Fm, Mic for calling but there is distortion on full sound Company claims 10 hours battery on this product. The price of this product is Approx. 500-600.

6. Ptron Fusion

This product is overpriced built quality is made up of plastic, a LED light in it. 10W speaker and more distortion on 100% volume, the slots of USB, Sd card, and aux are given in this product. The price of this product is 1000 which looks overpriced.

5. Zebronics Zeb Action

This speaker comes with a 10W speaker, Fabric finish which gives a premium look The slots of USB, aux, sd card+ F.M., Brand claims 12 Hours battery on the product. The vibration in the base is good and less distortion on 100% volume. The price of this product is 1000.

4. Infinty Fuze Pint

This is ultra mini speaker in this list of portable speakers. Loud sound , No destortion on High music, Company claims 5 Hours battery and built in mic. The price of this speaker is 850.

3. Clavier Fusion

A good built quality, LED light, and extra touch key for the call, along with dual Driverless distortion the battery of this speaker is 8-10 hour. No waterproof, and No slots of Aux, USB. The price of this speaker is 750.

2. Boat stone

The built quality of this product is as its name like stone, Heavy Base, With ok sound, Water damage resistant, Inbuilt mic with 10 Hours battery. The price of this Speaker is 1000.

1. Mivi Roam 2

The front grill aluminum gives a premium finish, with a huge battery of 24 Hours. With nice sound, vocal, base. Aux, USB slots are available and dust + Water-resistant, Rubberised Coating sides, premium design. Overall the perfect amazing portable speaker. The price of this product is 1000.

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