Top Latest Gadgets 2021

If you are gadgets or tech lover you are in right place today you will see the top latest gadgets 2021 in this article.

As you know in today’s time we are surrounded by many gadgets. Many companies built different-different gadgets every year which makes human work easier. If you have gadgets like a Camera, Tv, Earbuds, etc.

Top Latest Gadgets 2021 

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Sony FX3

Sony recently launched its smallest and cheapest cinematic camera ever. This camera is especially for Short filmmakers, Vlogger, Content Creator, rather than photographers.

Sony FX3
Sony FX3

You can shoot a video full HD (4k Quality) with the 120 FPS frame rates. It comes with a handle whenever you want to shoot a lower shot u can shoot with stability and easily. It has an audio jack for the output mic. FX3 has In-Camera Stabilizer with this u can shoot a video while running and doing moving stuff.

Sony FX3 is very small and less heavy in the weight you can take it anywhere with you and enjoy your shooting. It’s very useful for those who vlogs and or content creators.

Sony FX3 Price In India – Rs. 3,99,990 Including All Taxes


TCL 8K QLED TV Beyond Your Imagination


TCL is known for Tv making and it comes with new 8k QLED Tv. Company Built the first 8k resolution Tv, this tv showcases your content into 33 million pixels which is 400% more than any 4k Tv.

It comes with Google Assistant and you can control it with just your voice. It has TCL 8K AIPQ Engine Gen 1 Processor.

Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 also support 8K resolution contents. But the question comes here that do we really need 8K Tv right now? because other streaming platforms do not support 8k Quality content.

TCL 8K QLED TV Price In India – Rs. 2.60.000



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Apple Watch Series 6

We all know Apple is a big leading company in making high quality and expensive products like watches, phones, earphones, and many more. Apple always built the extra things in their new techs, this time they launch Apple Watch 6 Series.

Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch Series 6

Watch 6 Series has ECG App that helps to show your heart beats and it also has an oxygen app that shows you your oxygen level, blood pressure, and much more health-related stuff.

  • 44 mm or 40 mm case size
  • GPS + Cellular5
  • GPS
  • Retina display
  • Water-resistant to 50 metres8

Apple Watch Series 6 Price In India – Rs. 40,900


Xiaomi Mi Air Charge 

Mi Air Charger is the latest technology built by Xiaomi, it can charge your mobile with the help of 44 micro-antennae to transfer energy to your phone via a narrow wave beam.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge 
Xiaomi Mi Air Charge

It is a Box type of charger it charges your phone through air. You Can also charge multiple Phones at one time.5W remote charging.


Moorebot Scout

Scout is a Smartest Camera-on-Wheel Robot, Equipped with many advanced sensors and AI algorithms. Its capabilities include object recognition.

Moorebot Scout
Moorebot Scout
  • FHD camera with night vision
  • 4WD Mecanum Omni-directional wheels
  • WiFi-enabled IoT mode, connected worldwide, encrypted data with high security
  • Voice control with Alexa and Google
  • Video streaming to Alexa or Google screen devices

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