Prateek sehejpal reveals relationship with pavitra punia !

Prateek sehejpal reveals relationship with pavitra punia !

Every contestant’s relationship changes as Bigg boss comes to the house, as well as his complete actions come to the fore, first guessing what he can do next.

Pavitra punia was a resident in the house of bigg boss from the beginning and his interviews are gradually going viral, which he gave before coming to bigg boss.

Whatever he spoke about his ex boyfriend paras chabra or his relationship, but before paras chabra who was his ex boyfriend.

prateek sehejpal He was in a relationship with pavitra punia. Then prateek said that in a sacred relationship, it becomes very possessive.

When prateek was asked what kind of possessive is with you, prateek said that I am an actor, I have made a career in this industry.

Some such roles were offered to me web series.character was offered, I had to do very bold scenes in it, there were intimate scenes, pavitra was very angry after hearing this.

They had fought a lot of war because of this, I rejected that project. Prateek also said that the project was rejected for pavitra.

Bigg Boss pavitra said that the prateek was much younger than him, so he ended the relationship with him.He told that one had happened that prateek had hit the wall on punch.

And they also had blood on their hands

And he later told that even after knowing that I rejected that project for you, pavitra fought with him and he told that there were so many battles between the holy and me.

After a while, it was out of tolerance and I had to go home just to clear my head.

Prateek said that pavitra sometimes used to get so angry that she used to break household items. And on weekend, siddharth said that I know pavitra from outside.

If someone makes her angry, she will give a band.

Prateek sehejpal reveals relationship

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