Mirzapur season 2 trailer is released with gun shot and great action!

Mirzapur Season 2 Trailer Released New Threat With New Characters and New Enemies This Time in Mirzapur Fiercely Enjoys Diwali! 

Seeing the craze in Mirzapur Web series so much, Mirzapur’s season 1 was free for a week, people made Mirzapur’s meme so viral and now its season 2 will come, then it will be more than thatthat.

Now you will see that apart from Mirzapur, there is no craze of web series as much as MirzapurMirzapur is at this time. If you compare bollywood movies with high budget movies, then it also stands in front of them.

In the beginning of Trailer- Akhanda Tripathi aka Kaalin Bhaiyya who speaks in the same line as before, immediately moves towards watching 2 ioseasons (excitment) and then Munna Tripathi aka Munna Bhaiya explains his rules about Gaddi.

That whoever sits on the throne of u can change the rules. But his brother-in-law says in the beginning that “The rule is one for everyone, whether Munna or Hum,”
Then comes Guddu Bhaiyya who will avenge his wife and brother’s death and acquire Mirzapur

After Rathi Shankar’s death, his sons are also planning to end the Pandit family. His Gajgamini alias Golu is teaching his gun to leave his pen. In this, you will also find special Dialog of Funny Dialog Mirzapur which will shake you like a mobile vibrate.

Guddu Pandit who seemed to be in mirzapur season 1 how Tripathi will face the family but those who were talking about CM have shown him in season 2 and if elections are coming then the carpet brother can hardly shoot the last of season 1 In the episode, a policeman was caught, he is still alive, he will take revenge.

And (Action) will be full of policemen with new characters who do not see what they do. Stay awesome

(ACTION.COMEDY.THRILLER.) And will be released on 23 October for the overwhelming Suspense Mirzapur season 2

Mirzapur Season 2 Trailer


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