Micromax will make a new entry with brand new, company releases teaser

Micromax will make a new entry with brand new, company releases teaser

Micromax company releases teaser: Indian smartphone manufacturer Micromax was once the most trusted and trusted brand among users. But after the arrival of Chinese smartphones, the company fell behind.

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Micromax has been completely missing from the smartphone market for quite some time. But for Micromax fans, there is good news that the company is again preparing to knock in the market. The company has also revealed the name of its sub-brand.

Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma has announced that he is going to bring the ‘In’ brand to the market soon. Rahul Sharma has shared a video on the company’s official Twitter account and in this video he has revealed his upcoming sub-brand ‘In’. Also shared the photo of his box.

The shared video said that the company had lost its existence in the market after the arrival of Chinese smartphones. But now people are turning to the Made in India brand once again. In such a situation, Micromax is also going to be a part of the self-sufficient India campaign. This time the company is going to bring a new brand in a completely different style.

The video shared shows the upcoming brand’s box with ‘In’ written on the blue color box. Also, on the company’s Twitter account, Coming Soon is written with ‘In’. It is being speculated that this Made in India brand is going to be launched soon. However, no other information has been made available about it yet.





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