Join Live Apple Event 13 October | YouTube live Apple event – Trending Jagat

Join Live Apple Event 13 October YouTube live Apple event – Trending Jagat

Join us for a special Apple Event on October 13 at 10am PDT. Set a reminder and we’ll send an update before the show.

Join Live Apple Event 13 October

Watch live Apple event live 13 October at 10:00 AM PDT

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Apple iPhone 12 Launch Event Hi speed On October 13 Specifications, Display, price, ram & rom

Let’s know what you are going to get in iPhone 12 and what happens to you in this event.

Apple company has named its event name ‘Hi, speed

Apple iPhone 12 series You will know about the iPhone 12 variant and what is its specification?

You will get to see a lot of variants in the series of Apple iPhone 12 where you people have a lot of variants in its line up which is the iPhone Mini, Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 12 Pro, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max And I like it very much. I like If You can tell the name of this series in the comment section.


What are you going to find inside it, then see it quickly.

I do not want to drag this article too big. I want you to understand Shortley. What is going to happen in this Apple iPhone 12 To tell you about the biggest variants.

This variant comes with its best performance which Apple has not made till date. That is why this phone is Apple iPhone 12. Whatever the Mini inside the Apple iPhone 12 pri Max.

Different sizes come inside all of them, so they can see it quickly Apple iPhone 12 mini size 5.4-inch, Apple iPhone 12 Pro size 6.1-inch, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max size 6.7-inch Apple iPhone 12 size is the way we talk about its display.


its display come with OLED Panel And the one on its border looks fantastic. Now, let’s talk about the specifications inside the display. Its display 120Hz refresh rate & And in the iPhone 12th series, you will get to see the 60hz refresh rate on its display.

Apple iPhone 12 Ram size

You can use any type of RAM in any variant according to it. In this, you will get to see 4GB RAM and 6 GB RAM in iPhone 12 in all series.

Now let’s talk about its price. Apple iPhone 12 series.

Where its price is going to tell all these people in dollars and in Indian currency, then its first iPhone 12 series price $649 now in Indian currency 47,523.02 Rs, Apple iPhone 12 Mini price $748 now in Indian currency 54,777.30 Rs, Apple iPhone 12 Pro series price $999 now in Indian currency 73,151.77,

Now let’s talk about Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the most powerful mobile phone of Apple series in dollar $1099 now in Indian currency 80,474.27 Rs This was the specification of the price of the iPhone 12.


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