How to Use old Free Fire gaming ID in Free Fire Max

After the ban on the popular online game Garena Free Fire in India, the users of the game are quite disappointed. After the game got banned, now many users have turned to its second version Free Fire Max. How to Use old Free Fire gaming ID in Free Fire Max

But at the same time many questions are arising in the minds of these users regarding their old Free Fire gaming ID, whether they will be able to use their old Free Fire gaming ID in Free Fire Max or not? How to Use the old Free Fire gaming ID in Free Fire Max

In fact, Garena Free Fire a lot of data in their gaming IDs, including many paid items and other things they want to use in Free Fire Max as well. But now users do not have to worry, because their gaming ID remain as it is today we will tell you, how can use your old Free Fire gaming ID in Free fire max.

For this, you have to first download and install the Free Fire Max app on your phone. It is worth noting that Free Fire Max is still present in the Play Store, which has not been banned by ths Government of India. Due to this, Free Fire users can easily use their Gaming ID in Free fire max and get back old data and items

How to use Free Fire Gaming I’d in Free Fire Max

Although the Version of Free Fire Max is heavy, the gaming ID used in Both the games is the same. In such a situation players can use their old gaming ID in the following way.

1. First, User’s Google Play Store Download Free Fire Max From.

2. After the game is downloaded and installed, login to it.

3. On the season at the time of login, you must use any one of the social platform linked to your ID. In this, you select the social platform that is linked to your Free Fire Gaming ID.

However, while using your old gaming ID in Free Fire Max, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, that the gaming ID of the users must be linked to any one of its social platforms, be it Google, Twitter Facebook, also users should note that the requirements for Free Fire Max are much higher than the older Version.

In Such a situation, it is necessary for users to use a great device in order to play the game well without interrupting also note that Free Fire’s server is still active, players who are unable to use Free Fire Max version can enjoy this version. however, this Server is likely to shut Down soon.

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