Free Fire Squad Beatz Top up Event Get Free Legendary Motorbike Skin

Top up event in Free Fire encourage players to purchase in game Currency by providing numerous items upon reaching a given threshold. These have become a Common occurrence in the game, as a new one is generally introduced immediately after the previous one is Completed. Free Fire Squad Beatz Top up Event Get Free Legendary Motorbike Skin

The KungFu Tigers Top up Event Conclude on 2 February 2022. Following this, the developers have released Squad Beatz Top up. It provides a legendary bike Skin and a gloo Wall Skin as Free rewards, making it an excellent value.

The new Squad Beatz kicked off on 3 February 2022, and Players can Earn two rewards by purchasing a total of 300 diamonds. It Comprises the Following items.

1. Top up 100 diamonds to receive Motor Bike Purple Rev

2. Top up 300 diamonds to receive Gloo wall

Gamer’s have time until 8 February 2022 to accomplish the given objective to attain the items.

Both items are technically available free of Cost, Considering that no diamonds are being spent. However, users must shell out real money to meet the top up Requirments to become eligible for the rewards.

This top up inexpensive Compared to the previous one, given that users must only purchase 300 diamonds worth INR 250 for the Gloo Wall and Bike Skin Gloo Wall Skin’s are a rare Commodity as these Cannot be generally purchase From the Store. This Further adds to the essence of the Top up Event.

Additionally, Since the popular top up websites Codashop and Games Kharido are not Currently available, interested Users Should proceed ahead and Purchase within the game.

Step 1. You can access the top up Section in Free Fire by Clicking on the + on the top side if the Screen.

Step 2. Next, Press the button below the Preferred top up. You Should keep in mind the requirements for the top up event.

Step 3. After you have Completed the payment a diamonds are added to your account, you can Collect the items through the squad Beatz tab in the events.

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