Free Fire Diamonds for Cheap Using subscription: Price and benefits in February 2022

Diamonds are the premium in game Currency in Free Fire, and Players require them to procure a wide array of in game items. Since GamesKharido and Codashop discontinued their Free Fire Diamonds top up services, gamer’s have been exploring new means of obtaining in game Currency at a lower price.

They frequently Come Across videos offering alternative top up websites that provide a discount on Diamonds. On the other hand, membership inside the game is a considerably more cost efficient choice.

Free Fire Diamonds for Cheap Using subscription: Price and benefits

Membership is an excellent option offered within the game, where gamers can get diamonds and several other perks for a much lower cost. Gamer’s have the option of weekly membership that costs INR 159, while monthly membership is priced at INR 799 Gamer’s can Purchase these two together to unlock super VIP Privileges, which Provides additional diamonds and Evo gun Token Gift Box.

The perks of individual membership are as Follows.

Weekly membership Price: INR 159 

• Get a total of 450 Diamonds, 100 immediately and 359 From daily check in

• Weekly membership icon

• Discount store privilege

• 8X Universal EP Badge

• 1x Second Chance

Monthly membership (Price: INR 799)

• Get a total of 2600 diamonds, 500 immediately and 2100 From Daily Check in

• Monthly Membership icon

• Discount Store Privilege

• 60x Universal EP Badge

• 5x Second Chance

• Weapon Skin Gift Box (Pick one of the Following: Futuristic Scar, MP40 – Sneaky Clown, M1014 Winterlands, Thompson Time Travelers, Famas Swagger Ownage, M4A1 Pink Laminate)

Additionally, there is a Subscription option for the Weekly Option that will enable automatic renewal as soon as the previous one expires. Players will receive 100 extra Diamonds in their first.

Below are the steps that gamer’s can Follow to Acquire membership in Free Fire.

Step 1: Once Free Fire is Open on the Player’s device, they Should tap on the membership icon.

Step 2: Two Different Options will show up on their screens, and Gamer’s can Select either.

Step 3. Finally, they can Complete the payment

Gamer’s need to Collect diamonds from the Check in Section of the Membership tab. They can make up for the missed check in days using second Chance players will get it as additional rewards in Membership.

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