ESIC employees can claim themselves for unemployment allowance

ESIC employees can claim themselves for unemployment allowance, eligible employees will get half of 3 months salary

An employee insured under the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) can also submit his claim for unemployment allowance. ESIC has announced unemployment allowance for employees who are unemployed during the period from March 24, 2020 to December 31, 2020 due to corona infection and lockdown. This allowance will be given as half the salary for three months.

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The decision for this unemployment allowance was made by ESIC on 19 September itself. But the number of people applying for unemployment allowance seems to be much lower than expected. A senior labor ministry official said that so far 5 lakh employees who have been unemployed due to corona and lockdown have not applied for this allowance.

He said that the employees who are unemployed during the lockdown can also apply for unemployment allowance by visiting the site of ESIC or visiting their office. Usually applications are made on behalf of the employer to give unemployment allowance to the employees.

A rule has been laid to provide relief to those applying for this allowance within 30 days of unemployment. The amount of allowance will be paid directly into the bank account of the employee.

During the application, the unemployed employee will have to attach a copy of Aadhaar card and bank passbook. Before payment of allowance, the employee will be confirmed at the workplace to confirm whether the employee is truly unemployed or not.

According to a Labor Ministry official, a special fund has been created by ESIC for this unemployment allowance. Unemployment allowance will be paid by ESIC under Atal Insured Welfare Scheme. Last month, the ESIC, under the chairmanship of Labor Minister Santosh Gangwar, decided to extend the term of the Atal Insured Welfare Scheme by one year.

Atal Insured Kalyan Yojana was ending on 30th June. Under this scheme, ESIC has a provision to give unemployment allowance to the insured employees, but half the salary of 3 months will be given as unemployment allowance to the employees who are unemployed due to corona and lockdown. Earlier, 25% of the salary was given as unemployment allowance.

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