Best VPNs for Free Fire in 2022 (February 2022)

Garena Free Fire is a battle Royale game that was developed exclusively for Android and iOS mobile devices. In 2019 it was the most downloaded mobile game worldwide and has once then continued to set other records as well. Since it’s release, Best VPNs for Free Fire in 2022 (February 2022)

it has groosed a revenue of over $1 billion Worldwide. Garena is Currently also working on the next version of Free Fire which will be called free fire max.

The game starts with up to 50 players falling with a parachute on an island. Upon landing the battle Begins you need to Search for weapons and equipment to kill other players. When players Join the game they enter in the plane which is flying over the island

5 Best VPN For Free Fire in 2022

The players can choose to jump wherever they want, meaning you get to choose your Staring Position on an island. The Eliminating anybody who crosses your path.


Surfshark offers outstanding value for money. It has over 3200 Server’s in 65 Counties and they are Continuously adding new Servers. They offer multiple Servers at every location for better Service quality and network stability


• Location: 108

• Countries: 65

• Simultaneously connections : Unlimited

• Kill Switch: Yes

• Logging: No

Supported platforms: iOS, Android macOS, Windows, Linux, Game Consoles, Smart TVs, Routers 

Let’s break down some of the features on the list above. One of the more impressive has got to be the unlimited devices Support. You can Set up a VPN on as many devices as you want With just one account. And with all Supported platforms, this really Comes in Handy.

It is one of the reasons why we think Surfshark is the best VPN for Garena Free Fire. It does not matter whether you play the game on the phone, PS, or lap. Surfshark will have you Covered on all platforms.

Surfshark Supports all platforms that you can play Garena Free Fire on. So In that aspect, it is definitely a Check. Additionally, it is very simple to install the extension to your Chrome Browser. This way you will also be protected while Surfing the web.

2. CyberGhost 

CyberGhost offers one of the largest networks in terms of server Count and Country Coverage. It has more than 5600 Servers Across 90 Countries. Their Security and encryption protocola are the latest VPN Standard Additionally, it offers some tempting price packages which make this VPN Provider a Strong choice to Consider.


• Server: 5600+

• Countries: 90

• Simulator Connections: Up to 7 Connections

• Kill Switch: Yes

• Logging: No

supported Platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, game Consoles, Smart TVs, Routers 

Their network is fast and reliable so you will have no Trouble using their service under heavy load. Things like gaming and Streaming will be Smooth and without any lag or delay. If your base internet Connection is strong enough of Course

It Supports basically almost any platform you can think of. So it does not matter whether you play Garena Free fire on your Phone, Laptop, or PS. CyberGhost has got you Cover everywhere.

3. VypsVPN

VypsVPN offers the latest VPN Technology in a Simple and approachable package. They have a good geographical distribution of their VPN Server Clusters which also helps with speed and Stability. Additionally, they are based in Switzerland which is Known for its strict privacy laws and Political neutrality.


• Servers: 700+ Server Clusters

• Countries’: 70+

• Simultaneously connections: Up to 5 Connections

• Kill Switch: Yes

• Logging: No

Supported platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows Linux Smart TVs, Routers, Chorme OS.

However, when it Comes to gaming the Speed of the Connection is one of the most important factors to Consider. VypsVPN Servers are well Optimized to Handle a High amount of Traffic so you Should have no Trouble using this Provider to play Garena Free Fire.

The Price is also quite Competitive especially if you are Willing to Connect for a longer period.

It is worth noting that the Fastest speeds are Achieved if you Connect to Servers Closer to your physical Location. Using server that are further away Should still work fine in most cases, but Sometimes the delay Can be increased.

4. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is very versatile VPN Provider. They guarantee a Strict no logs policy. Additionally, their Headquarters are located in Panama Which means they are not obliged to reveal any information to the Foreign governments.


• Servers: 5287

• Countries: 59

• Simulator Connections: Up to 6 Connections

• Kill Switch: Yes

• Logging: No

Supported platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, game Consoles, Smart TVs, Routers

Nord VPN Servers are well Optimized to handle high bandwidth Requirments when gaming. So you will experience no lags and no issues when playing Garena free fire

If you are willing to pay some extra money for a top level VPN Provider, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for Garena Free Fire. Additionally, if you pay attention NordVPN always offers special discounts and promos so you can Typically get a good deal even after the first two years.

5. Express VPN

ExpressVPN has positioned itself as a premium VPN Service. It is moderately expensive Compared to other options on this list but it offers a lot for its price.


• Location: 16

• Servers: 3000+

• simultaneously Connections: up to 5 Connections

• Kill Switch: Yes

• Logging: No

Supported platforms: iOS Android macOS Windows Linux game Consoles Smart TVs Routers 

When it comes to gaming the Speeds are blazing fast. You will not notice any lags or delays whatsoever. Because there are none. Additionally, Netflix streaming works from just about any country you can think of. Also here you won’t experience any buffering. Lag or pixellated image.

Even though their service is more expensive, what you get in Return is an ultra stable and reliable network, unmatched support, and tons of other features.

ExpressVPN is a Great Choice as a VPN Provider for playing Garena free fire

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