Best BGMI drop location for safe Rank push with Great Loot In 2022 (February 2022)

Rank push is a strategized form of gameplay in BGMI that Famous Youtubers and Pro players Have popularized. The introduction of New Season results in the tiers getting reset and a lot of players beginning on their climb to the Conqueror tier. Best BGMI drop location for safe Rank push with Great Loot In 2022 (February 2022)

Since Survival points Constitute 80% of the total points obtained from a match, they must Choose a drop location that will help them avoid drop Fights. This will increase their chances of survival as well as earning ‘Chicken Dinners ‘From the Classic matches.

Safest Drop locations for Rank pushers in BGMI to Drop into and obtain great loot

1) Lipovka In Erangel

Lipovka is one of the Vicinities in Erangel that does not attract many visitors in the initial stages of the match as the city Located on the eastern edge of the map. Since the plane path mostly favours the center of the Map, gliding till Lipovka Becomes hard.

However, rank pushers can glide to the City and gather the initial loot, which will help them later on in the Matches.

2) Dobro Mesto in Vikendi

Dobro Mesto is one of the Biggest cities on the map of Vikendi. Earlier, before the map was removed from BGMI, the City witnessed a lot of players dropping into the city. Turning it into a hot drop.

However, After the re-introduction of the Map in the game, the sides have flipped, and the city enjoys almost no visitors dropping into the area to collect loot.

Rank pushers can visit the city situated in the northwestern Corner of the map and gather decent loot without indulging in flights. This loot will help them progress further on in the Matches.

3) Campo Militar in Miramar

Campo Militar is located in the Northwestern Corner of the map. Although it is one of those areas that contains Level 3 in plenty, it’s location prohibits Players from Setting it as their drop location.

BGMI players engaged in rank push on Miramar can reach the location to get their hands on the loot without the fear of getting shot by enemies Furthermore, they can also find and Kill a few boys roaming around the area to increase their Kill count.

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