The Rising Day Top up Event In Free Fire How to get Free Angel and Katana Skin

There has been a steady Stream Of new Top Up Events in FF will with one replacing the other. These events provide free rewards for obtaining a specified Number Of Diamonds and encourage players to Purchase the premium in Game Currency.

After the Completion of the Big Smash Top-up, which Offered the legendary big Smash emote and sauce Swagger pan, the developers have added an equally enticing Rising Day Top-up Which Provides a Gloo Wall and Katana Skin As rewards.

The Rising Day Top-up Event In Free Fire How to get Free Angel and Katana Skin

When Gloo Walls are Introduced as Part Of Top Up Events, they give immense Value to the User’s, the new Rising Day Top Up Has Commenced on 23 December 2021 and Provides Gamers With the opportunity to Collect the rewards until 27 December 2021.


The Rewards and Requirments For the Newest Top-up Event.

• Top-up 200 diamonds to receive Snow Doom Katana

• Top-up 500 Diamonds to Receive Angel With Horns Gloo Wall

This implies that users will have to top up diamonds worth 400 INR to acquire the Katana And the gloo wall. These items are free, considering that the players only have to purchase 500 diamonds a d not spend them.

Users may follow these steps to top up diamonds and acquire the corresponding rewards.

Step 1. After booting up the FF Gamer’s need to click the + button beside the diamond. several. top up options will be displayed on the Screen

Step 2. Select the desired options, keeping in mind the requirements of the top-up event.

Step 3. Players need to make the payment through the desired method, after which the diamonds Will be Credited to their ID.

Step 4. Players can open the new age tab under events and select Rising Day Top-up Subsequently, they can click the claim button to acquire the rewards.

Gloo wall Skins generally have a massive demand in FF. Since this one is available For Free, all interested players May Purchase the Game Currency that is necessary to unlock the skin.

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