PUBG Mobile Code Today 5 January 2022

PUBG Redeem Code Today 5 January 2022 PUBG Mobile Redeem Code can be checked for new Skin, UCs, Rewards, and much more. Right now PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest Mobile Games Evr6 and we love to play it For Sure.

There are a lot of premium items in the game like coll Outfits, Gun Skins and other rewards which are not for free. To Get these things, One must pay real money to Purchase them. But there is an alternative to get these things for free PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today.

What is PUBG Mobile Redeem code

Redeem Codes – as the name suggests, they can be used for redemption in any Game. In the case of PUBG Mobile, Redeem Code is a 25 digit longs Character and Number bases Code. This Code can be used to get various rewards in the game for free.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

Instead of Playing Money To buy UC to Purchase Various items in the Game, you can simply use PUBG Redeem Codes And Get Yourself the lastest outfits and gun Skins in the game. He in this article, we are going to discuss how you can get PUBG Mobile Redeem Code For Free And how you use Them in Your Gaming App.

You will Come To Know Various Information Things like what is a Redeem code, how to use it, and Where to get a 100% Working PUBG Redemption Code. These Redeem Codes will buy you legendary items, Emotes, Characters, and Popularity. We are Providing Multiple Working PUBG. We Are Providing Multiple Working PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today on this page Which will get you things like a Free Royal pass, M821 Skins, Outfits, Dance Movies And Emotes

PUBG MOBILE has Various Premium items Which Can be grabbed Using the UCS. One must buy UCs to get in app purchase items. If you have redeem codes, you can Simply use these codes to get premium items without spending the hard money.

Today PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

DKJU10GTDSM – 2100 Silver Fragments

DKJU8LMBPY – Free Silver Fragments

UCBYSD800 – 800 UC

MIDASBUY – Free Rename Card & Room Card

EKJONARKJO – Unlimited M821 Gun Skins

BBKTZEZET8 – PUBG Mobile Operations Leo Set Legendary Outfit

BBVNZBZ8M10 – Free PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity

BBKVZBZ8FW – 8 Red Tea Popularity

BBKRZBZBF10 – 8 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity

BAPPZBZXF8 – UMP-88 Gun Skin

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code 4 January 2022






• BPHEZDZV9G – heart (Chicken)

• BMTDZBZPRD – Jungle prey Parachute (1d)

• PUBGMCREATIVE – White Rabbit Set (1d)

• SD16Z66XHH – Get Free Scar – L Gun Skin

• R89FPLM9S – Get Free Companion

• GPHZDBTFZM24U – UMP9 Gun Skins

• UKUZBZGWF – Free Fireworks Promo code

• TQIZBz76F – Get 3 Motorcycle

• BMTCZBZMFS – Pretty in Pink Set

Active Codes












How to Use PUBG Mobile Code Today

To use the PUBG Mobile^ Codes, you will have to visit the PUBG Redemption Center on their official website. There, you will be asked to enter your character ID, Redemption Code, and Verification Code to Redeem your is the step by step process For the Same.

• Go To the official PUBG Mobile Website and Click on the Redemption Center link.

• A new page Will be opened where you will a Form.

• Enter your Character ID Which You can get From Your PUBG Game Profile

• Now enter the PUBG Redeem Code That you have in the Redeem code Section.

• Then You will See a Captcha Verification Code, Enter the Verification Code in the asked Section.

• Now Click on the Yellow Colored Redeem Codes.

Midasbuy PUBG Redeem Code Today

Midasbuy is Authorized by PUBG to sell In game purchase items to PUBG Users. Midasbuy Redeem Codes are different From the PUBG Mobile Codes you can use midasbuy to Purchase UCs directly into your account.

Midasbuy PUBG Redeem Code Can Be Used at the Checkout time On the Midasbuy Website You Can Purchase anything From the Midasbuy Website using this Code.

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