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Jonathan Amaral Gamer Age, Wiki, Family, Net Worth & Bio more

Jonathan Amaral is an Indian Professional Sports Athlete, PUBG Mobile Players, Streamer, Gaming Content Creator, and Social media influencer For Pune Maharashtra, India. Currently, he is popularly Known As his Online stage Name Jonathan Gaming .Jonathan Amaral Gamer Age, Wiki, Family, Net Worth & Bio more

Besides these, he is a member and the IGL (In Game Leader) of the TSM Entity E-sports Organization. Read Jonathan Amaral Jonathan Gaming Wiki Full Bio Age Articles, PUBG, BGMI ID, Instagram, Discord, Networth & More.

Who is Jonathan Gaming (Jonathan Amaral)?

Jonathan Amaral Gamer Age, Wiki, Family, Net Worth & Bio more
Jonathan Amaral Gamer

Jonathan Amaral is an Indian Professional E-sports athlete, PUBG mobile Streamer, Gaming Content Creator, and Social media influencer From Pune, Maharashtra, In India. Currently, he is popularly known as his online stage name Jonathan Gaming.

Besides these, he is a Member and The IGL (In Game Leader) of the TSM Entity E-sports Organization. he is Very Highly Skilled Player in PUBG Mobile, once all people From the Gaming Community Started to Call him a Hacker, but this is not True, rather, he didn’t use any Hacks.

He is a well Known Player of PUBG Mobile For his Amazing Playing Techniques and Skills. He is one of the most destructive PUBG Mobile Players in this world. He has also won titles of PMSC 2019 And PMIS 2020 Tournament as Well.

Jonathan Amaral Born, Age

On September 21st, 2002 ( Age 19 Years as of 2021), he was bron in a Christian Family in Verna, Goa, India. Later their Family Moved to Mumbai India. He belongs To the Christian religious and is a member Of the Amaral Family And as well as he also retained Indian Nationality.

Jonathan Amaral Childhood/ Early Life, Family

Jonathan Amaral Gamer Age, Wiki, Family, Net Worth & Bio more
Jonathan Amaral Childhood

He spent his Childhood in his Home Town Verna, Goa, India with his Family,but on 8th November 2013, after their First Holy Communion (Holy Communion is the most Religious Service in the Christian Church) his Family Shifted to Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Jonathan Amaral family
Jonathan Amaral Family

He was a Very Naught Boy From an Early age And Very Interested in Sports And Video Game. From his Childhood, his dream is to become a popular hockey player in india but later things are Changed, and Currently, he is one of the destructive PUBG Mobile Player in the World.

Jonathan Amaral Starting Career As Hockey Player

Jonathan win MSSA Hockey tournament
Jonathan win MSSA Hockey tournament

Jonathan Started his Career in 2012 – 2013 but Since his Childhood, he was Very Found of Playing E-sports games and loved playing Hockey. During his Schooling, he has Played Many Hockey Tournament From His School Team. He has had a special attraction towards Sports Since he was a Child.

In 2014, Jonathan archived Trophies Playing an MSSA Hockey Tournament From his School Team He was a very Well Talented And Natural Hockey Player. But things are Changed, he never thought that one day he Would Become the most Popular Esports Players In India Currently, he is listed as one of the Destructive PUBG Mobile Players in the Aisa Region.

Jonathan Amaral Mobile Gaming Career

His E-sports Gaming Journey has Started with a Coincidence. He is always very interested in Mobile Gaming alongside Hockey. But he Started his Gaming Career Professional in 2018 after PUBG Mobile Launched Globally. When he was is Just 10 Years old, he had lived with his Father on Dubai. And at that time, he was played many Mobile Games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clan on His Father Smartphone Later in 2017 he got an iPhone 5s From His Father As a Gift. Since then, his interest in E-sports Games has been Growing. Jonathan Amaral PUBG Mobile Starting Career As A Jonathan Gaming.

On 9th February 2018, the PC Games Called PUBG released its Mobile version globally and Become the Game changer For almost Every Indian Gamer’s. Many Gamer’s have Started Playing this Game and Making Game Play Videos of this Game, and he Thought he Could do the same.

At that time, he doesn’t have any idea what is PUBG. He got the News From his Senior Brother in their apartment. The Game was Exceptionally Good, with never to be seen Graphics And Smooth Controls, Jonathan Loved it’s Much.

PUBG mobile Popularity in India Was increasing Slowly And gradually he kept getting Better At it. In Season 2 he Downloaded the Game and started to play the games with his society friends, cousins and slowly learn the mechanics of the game.

Jonathan Gaming YouTube Career

In addition to this in 2018, he created a YouTube Channel named Jonathan Gaming And started PUBG Mobile live Streaming without any face Cam. Current time, he makes the Gameplay of PUBG And updates videos regarding Tutorials for PUBG (BGMI), Funny Highests, intense Fight, Crate openings, Vlogs, etc.

In the beginning, he was Played Just For Fun most of the time he was played custom matches with his friends and Every time he beat them. For learning better playing techniques he used to Follow many Chinese and Korean players.

Jonathan Amaral PUBG Mobile Career Skul, TSM Entity Clan

In the beginning, he was the main Player in a clan Called Skul Clan (Skul Jonathan) and Played with his friend Ashish and Sylvestone AJ. He Started learning techniques and getting improved his skills day by day. He realised that he could make his Career in YouTube by Playing Game’s.

His Career Progressed After The PMCO Spring Split India 2019 Tournament Was held in Delhi Their Team Had Missed Out on the Semifinals by Just 2 Points. At that time ORB Team which are ranked 6th Main IGL Abhijeet Andbare aka Ghatak Notice his Amazing Skills And Playing Techniques. He offered Jonathan To Join their Team and Later he accepted his offers.

In Mid of 2019, Ghatak, Jonathan Paritosh And The Others Players of ORB Joined the Team Entity. Seeing their Gaming Skills An American Esports organization TSM, offered to Partnership them and they accept their offers. Currently, their clan Name is the TSM Entity Gaming Clan.

Jonathan Gaming PUBG ID (BGMI) KD & Stats sensitivity Controller

Jonathan Amaral Gamer Age, Wiki, Family, Net Worth & Bio more
Jonathan Amaral BGMI Profile

Jonathan played For his old Clan Skul And Current Clan TSM Entity in Many National And International Tournaments. They all have represented India at the Forefront of the World Through Playing PUBGM. HIS Gaming Channel is one of the most popular ESports and PUBG Mobile Gameplay Channels In India.

The Sensitivity Code is 6892-4240-2977-3338-186.

Camera Sensitivity Settings:

3rd Person Camera (Free Look) 100%

Camera (free look): 100%

1st Person Camera (Free look): 100%

3rd Person no Scope: 120%

1st Person no Scope: 140%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim assist 30%

2x Scope: 24%

3x scope: 14%

4x Scope: 12%

6x Scope: 8%

8x Scope: 10%

ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope: 50%

1st Person No Scope: 50%

Red Dot, holo, Aim Assist: 20%

2x Scope: 26%

3x Scope, win94: 24%

4x Scope, VSS: 24%

6x Scope: 12%

8x Scope:12%

Gyroscope Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope: 300%

1st Person No Scope: 300%

Red Dot, Holo, Aim Assist:300%

2x Scope: 300%

3x Scope, win94: 240%

4x Scope, VSS: 235%

6x Scope: 70%

8x Scope: 80%

His PUBG ID WAS 5112616229 and his BGMI ID is 5112616229. He was one of the highest kill averages in PUBG MOBILE season 5 with a 14.7 KD Ratio. Nowadays, TSM Entity And Jonathan Gaming is one of the Popular PUBG MOBILE and ESports athletes in India.

Jonathan Amaral BGMI KD
Jonathan Current KD. Ratio 

Gaming Name – PUBG/BGMI

Professiona – E- Sports Athlete, Gamer,

PUBG ID – 5112616229

BGMI ID – 5112616229

Playing From – Season 2

Server’s – Aisa

Favourite Gun – M416 with 6x Scope

Clan Name – Godlike

Country – India

Tiger – Conqueror

Win Ratio – 30+

PUBG Came Back in India As BGMI (Battleground Mobile India)

In 2021, Krafton relaunches PUBG mobile Indian Version BGMI ( Battleground Mobile India) many Months later. The Beta Version if Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has become available For Download India From June 17th. Battleground Mobile India Maker Krafton Launched this version without any prior Announcement.

Jonathan Gaming (Jonathan Amaral) Awards & Achievements

In 2020, the clan TSM Entity Has won PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 held in Delhi And he was MVP of the Tournament he set a world record with 16 Kills in a single Match.

In 2020, they win India Today league PUBG Mobile Invitational.

in 2019, they win PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split: South Asia.

List of All Tournament And Ranking

Tournament Name placement Prize 
Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open2019 4th $10,923
PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split: South Asia 2019 1st $60,000
PUBG mobile Club Open Fall Split Global Finals 2019 5th $12,000
PUBG mobile all Stars India 2019 4th $2,813
India Today League 2nd $1,723
Gamer’s Without Borders 2020 Aisa 2nd $2000
PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring Split 2020 South Asia RS 2nd $8000
PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals 2nd $20,000
PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 1st $26,700
PUBG Mobile World League 2020 – Season 0: East 6th $14,500

Earings Salary, Income & Networth

He Has Many Incom Sources, but his majority of Income Comes From YouTube And Social Media Platforms. His income Sources are Adsense, superchat through Paytm/Google pay, membership, Brands Promotions & Sponsors.

Secondly, his other income of Source is to participating in different PUBG Mobile Tournaments. The major Tournaments have Massive Prize Money and when you win the Tournament, huge Amongst of Prizes Money You get. After Winning the PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring South Asia 2019, their team had gotten $60,000 Prize Money.

Currently, his annual estimated Earings are 6-10 lakhs in Indian rupees per annum and his Current net worth is $50k, 40 lacks as of 2021 (Approx).

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