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How to download Battleground Mobile India on IOS

After so long time Krafton releases Battleground Mobile India on IOS. It’s available on the Apple app store. The player and fans are very excited and they are also happy about BGMI coming to IOS. Do many fans have questions How to download BGMI on IOS?

Lots of people are not able to download BGMI. They are facing some issues regarding downloading also. And BGMI team also working on some issue on IOS and server are on maintenance from 6:00 Am to 9:00 Am.

User’s of IOS would are not able to login previous IOS Id right now Krafton is working on this and to fix the issue.

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How to download BGMI on IOS?

Those people who are facing downloading have to go to the Bttalegorund Mobile India Instagram page and click the link in the Bio that link directly sends you to the Apple app store.

Then they are able to download BGMI (Battleground Mobile India).

BGMI Downloading Problem on IOS
BGMI Downloading Problem on IOS

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