Grand Theft Auto 5 is Left On Xbox Game PASS Store

Grand Theft Auto 5 Has made itself home on Xbox Game Pass Over The Past Few Months But According to the new Update it looks like its days are numbered

The open-world behemoth that is Grand Theft Auto 5 Came out in 2013 and continues to be one of the most successful and played games ever since thanks in large part to its expansion GTA Online was Re-release on the PS4 and Xbox One and PS5 And Xbox X|S versions slated for this year but the game has been available for console players of Xbox Game Pass Since this part April There Is never any certainly with title availability or longevity on game Pass And It Seems That GTA 5 May Be Joining the titles Leaving At the end of July.

Without any formal announcement by Xbox or Rockstar Games, GTA 5 recently appeared on the Leaving Soon Tab of the Xbox Game Pass Website Unfortunately no specific date Of departure Is Given on This Page Nor When clicking on the  GTA 5 listing as with the other Games listed here the only indicator of a time Frame Given by this Page is the notice above the game that states these exit The Xbox Game Pass library in the next two week’s there are still plenty of excellent Games on Game Pass but the loss of GTV 5 Will Be a heavy one When it eventually goes.

As mentioned this is not the first time that GTA 5 WILL BE Leaving Xbox Game Pass The Game First debuted on the service early in January 2020 Which Gave User Access To the recently released Diamond Resort and Casino DLC And Remained Available Until the Following May GTA 5 did not Become available On Game Pass Again Until This Part April And the way that things are headed this stint will be one month shorter than its First Go Around in 2020 one of the perks of game Pass is a discounted rate on leaving games thought so through Game Pass Now In The Perfect Time To buy The Game

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