Fortnite nightmare Ariana Grande Event and Free rewards

The ruler of the Cubes The Cube Queen emerges ushering in the Next phase of Fortnitemares 2021 The wrath of the cube Queen is now upon the island the cube Queen emergence brings Changes to the Island Fortnite nightmare Ariana Grande Event and Free rewards

Since Fortnite mares began the Cubes have been mobilizing Their migration towards the Island Center wasn’t Just to Spread corruption they’re now at the Center forming The Convergence what is the purpose of this mysterious structure

You’ve come across the Cubes and Fought back the Cube Monsters but a new force has joined their ranks Caretakers are The Cube Queen Strongest warriors yet tall Foreboding shadowy apparitions their spectral tendrils pull you directly into

the sideways for a Showdown on their home turf Survive a Caretaker’s assault and you’ll walk away all the richer things don’t end there The Cube Queen wrath has given rise to a new Sideways weapon the sinister sideways Scythe as well as returning items like witch Brooms and the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher use the Scythe and these wicked supplies to hold your own in battle


HORDE Rush is back the cube Monsters are pushing out of the Sideways and into our realm Fight alongside your teammates to rack up your score by finding score multiplayer earning Combos and eliminating as many monsters as you to win survive at locations across the map and take down the final Boss

The Horde Rush LTM will be live From October 19 At 9 AM ET to November 2 at 9 AM ET but not Just on its own There’s also be Horde Rush Quests you can Complete For Special rewards Unlock the Thinking Juice Back Bling Cube Queen Banner and the Cuddle Scream Leader Spray

Also, be on the lookout for a Horde Rush Tournament this week with more locker items to earn practice the mode with your Squad ahead of time to prepare more details will be available soon in a blog post and the Compete tab in-game as the cards foretold Cubic Chaos has been unleashed in Fortnitemares 2021 Fun awaits amid the madness

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