Fortnite : FNCS chapter 2 season 6 finals results upcoming tournament

Fortnite: FNCS chapter 2 season 6 finals results

The third consecutive trios Fortnite champion series (FNCS) granted teams worldwide the chapter their legacies in chapter 2 season 6 Epic games solidified the three-player team format before. Fortnite: FNCS chapter 2 season 6 finals results

2021 allowing for more consistency across the board as competition looked to readjust and establish themselves in their respective scenes

The anticipation and build-up led to this weekend where 33 trios in seven servers regions competed for a share of 3$M USD the axe of champions and a guaranteed spot in the FNCS Chapter 2 season 7 finals.

Storyline materialized rapidly throughout the season teams like the defending European FNCS champions hen Guild hen McLean Jannis guide Jannsiz matwin and mouse chapix Faour fought to reclaim what they earned in

season 5 other such as Martin 100T Mr. savage foss Anderson Endre NVD Endretta byre and Oscar falcon Refsgaad Dallas Refsgaad Attempted to win their First FNCS title

North America EAST (NA EAST) teams led by Malachi ENDL8SS reverse2k Grenier and even FAZE cented Barron set out to complete a season of hard work with a 12 match marathon however only seven teams would untimely earn the title stage for an exciting finish

The European region orchestrated an exciting finish to the season with only the best of the best atop the leaderboard after leading on day one Mrsavnge Endretta and Refsgaad controlled

the story with ultimate supremacy on the line however the high ground dominance of Aleksa loot boy Queasy Cvethvic Nikola glorious trulex Kruduij and wave jur3ky yielded them the season 6 victory as Atlauch underdogs

It was not easy Queasy trulex and Jur3ky battled through adversity but found themselves in many advantageous positions Mrsavage and his teammates let units the final three games stretch where Queasy and company crept into first place

A tournament Clinching seventh-place finish with their elimination proved enough to ward off the storming Norwegians Queasy team completed their FNCS titles bid with 333 points three victory Royale and 53 elimination it was a storybook ending for a team no one gravitated to ahead of the finals.

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