Fortnite everything you need to know about the Daredevil cup

­Fortnite everything you need to know about the Daredevil cup

The first ever fortnite marvel knockout Tournament has been announcedknockout Tournament has been announced

Players can compete in the  Deradevli cup for a chance to win  the skin early

Fortnite  chapter 2 season 4 has had it’s fair share of marvel featured with special skinskins unique challenge and Instesting stories told through gameplay now fortnite brings the marvel crossover to competitive with the fortnite Daredevil cup

What make the fortnite Deradevli cup unique

Epic has marketed the specific fortnite Torunmeat as the Daredevil cup referring to the blind lawyer Matthew Murdock portrayed On film and through the Netflix series of course just giving this Torunmeat the title of marvel character would be enough to really make this into a deradevil event as opposed to a generic  fortnite Torunmeat

What sets this apart Is that it Wil be based around the marvel knockout LTM as opposed to the mainstay battle Royale format marvel knockout has players form teams of there Superpowered characters .

The mean that the Daredevil cup wil play out a little bit more like an overwatch tournament than a traditional fortnite tournament

Players play4 rounds with each team getting the same randomized Loadouts each time

Fortnite Deradevli cup schedule

The Deradevli cup is scheduled for October 14th tomorrow in the most time zones the Torunmeat wil be split by each official fortnite region North America West North America East America East Brazil Europe middle East Asia and Ocdicen

this tournament will be unified Torunmeat meaning there will not be any division of the Playersbased based on console or Pc.

The top player from each region will earn the Deradevli fortnite Skin as a reward before the skin become available in the store . How how you have to rank is based on your region and is divided as follow

Fortnite everything you need to know about the Daredevil cup

  1. Event prizes Daredevil cup Europe 1st -800th
  2. event prizes-na East 1st -500th
  3. event prizes-na west 1st -200th
  4. event prizes- Brazil 1st-200th
  5. event prizes-asia 1st- 100th
  6. event Prizes-oceania 1st-100th
  7. event prizes-middle East 1st -10th

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