Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 competitive Update more details

Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 competitive Update

First off congratulations to all of our chapter 2 season 6 FNCS champions when chapter 2 season 6 competitive offering complete we’re looking ahead to what’s coming next season. Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 competitive Update more details


As you already know we’ve got all the star showdown coming later this month(June 23-26)  with skills challenge a non- BR team competition

a solo BR Tournament to cap the event we’re excited to share all the details with you soon and not every spot in the all star showdown has been filled stay about the FNCS all star showdown as well as a yet to be announced early season tournament


Because we’ll be hosting that early season tournament we’re not going to reset the arena Hype at the beginning of chapter 2 season 7 in order to participate in the tournament you ll’

need to be in champion League (among other requirements which we’ll details in the official  rules for that tournament so we’re holding the rest until June 22.

During this time core Arena modes will take in everything the new season has to offer and we’ll be monitoring how the new items and features translate to competitive games before any adjustment are made

SEASON 7 FNCS Begins July 29 

Following the FNCS all star Showndown we’ll take a two-week break (June 28-july 11) on all competitions we’ll be taking some time to relax and recharge and you should too.

Well hold our first season 7 FNCS Qualifier on July 29 (middle East) and July 30 (all other regions)  The season 7 FNCS Finals will conclude on September 5 Here’s The full breakdown.

Qualifier 1:  middle East July 29-31 All other regions July 30-August 1

Bye week: August 5-8

Qualifier 2:  middle East -August 12-14 all other regions -August 13-15

Qualifier 3: middle East August 19-22  all other regions-august 20-22

Semi final:  middle East -August 27 all other regions-August

Reboot Round:  middle East -August 28 all other regions-august 29

Finals:  middle East -September 3-4 all other regions -September 4-5

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