Epic Games Stores Walking Dead And More Free Games July 2021

The Epic Games Store released indie critical darling The spectrum Retreat For free this week This a part of the stones Discover Free games Intiative on that started in 2018 sprawling open words RPGs as well as tiny independent Games have all appeared for free on the storefront The store Just had its June mega sale during which time it switched up the free games strategy Each free title was a mystery Game not revealed until the day it released That streak ended with Control And Genshin Impact two weeks ago the store returned to its usual Starategy.Epic Games Stores Walking Dead And More Free Games July 2021

After The spectrum Retreat Finishes is free stint on the Epic Games store two games are coming on 8 July Theses games bridge Constrictor The walking dead and Ironcast while both Very different tone and mechanics one thing ties them both together Resources management and puzzle Ironcast Explicitly reference Puzzle Quest on its steam page and Bridge constructor The walking Dead is all about maximizing resources while approaching life or death problem with a range of solutions.

Epic Games Stores Walking Dead And More Free Games details

The spectrum Retreat is free on the Epic games store until July 8 this mind time and space bending first person control and the Twilight zone created by a BAFTA winning younger Developer  Dan Smith the game is a sprawling sci fi suspense exploration in a suspicious hotel its good example of what young bright voices in the sence arw bringing to gaming according to his website’s and developer has a new project coming soon so its worth checking out the Spectrum Retreat for free before his next game releases.

8 July free epic games store titles are both resources based puzzles bridge constructor The walking Dead takes an established game formula and the incredibly popular property of The walking Dead in a fitting match Iconic Characters from the series take part in the player complex and often Circuitous problem solution The normally fraught and difficult Gameplay of bridge Constructor Games becomes even scarier thanks to undead armies staking the protagonists.

Ironcast takes a really interesting approach to the mechanized Victorians steampunk war game concept by marrying its with puzzle Quest mechanic which is a smart move as game like puzzle quest fit well thd shorter play sessions encouraged by rouge like structures overall the store is showing off some really unique puzzle games in the first half of July If Epic Coustmers are lucky then more of the store puzzlers could show up for free in July

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